21 September 2014

The Malta Independent Online

 - Saturday, 25 November 2006, 00:00

Malta Enterprise confirmed yesterday that talks on a project that includes the construction and placing in Qawra of a semi-submerged resort, casino and convention centre have been held with an American company, but said that the information provided is still too scarce to evaluate a project of this magnitude.

Last Thursday, The Malta Independent carried the story that a Florida-based company, Cala dba UnderSea Resort and Residences, had suggested the project to the Maltese authorities but had received little feedback from the government.

In a letter signed by Mario Galea, chief officer – business development, Malta Enterprise said that “preliminary talks on this project were held with Mr (Joseph) Cala (chief executive officer) following which the promoter had been asked to submit technical information regarding the parameters of the project and the operations in Malta.

“The information submitted up to now by the promoter has been very preliminary and is of a general and promotional nature, thus it does not permit Malta Enterprise to carry out an evaluation of a project of this magnitude.

“Various communication exchanges were undertaken with the promoter asking him to submit the necessary information, but so far the information available is still scarce and inconclusive.

“Once all the relevant details requested is received, Malta Enterprise will be able to carry out an evaluation of the proposal with the due diligence required for such a project in order to be able to recommend to government a way forward,” Malta Enterprise said.

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