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4 Life Marathon 2007

Malta Independent Monday, 23 July 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

The Arka Foundation, Dar il-Kaptan, Dar Nazareth, the Ursuline Sisters and the St Lazarus Hospice Foundation have a proven track record in doing marvellous and much needed work in aid of needy and disabled people of all ages in Malta and Gozo.

Most of their clients need round-the-clock care and attention and this is provided by dedicated and professional staff who provide a homely and friendly atmosphere, based on love and affection.

As non-profit organisations, all the financial requirements are met through donations, charitable contri-

butions, beneficiaries and fund-raising activities. In order to ensure that people with a disability and in need receive the necessary respite and that their families are given the best support services, these organisations invest a lot of money.

The main goal is to provide a sense of normality in the lives of people with a handicap so that they can carry on living in their family home and feeling part of the community.

In order to raise the much needed funds, a 14-hour live marathon is being organised on Saturday, 28 July.

At a press conference held at the SAS Radisson, Gillian Attard and Martin Sapiano, the presenters of this full-day marathon, gave details of the event to the press and public.

The benefiting organisations are:

Dar Nazareth: a community centre based in Zejtun and modelled after the Arche communities founded by Jean Vanier for people with mental and/or physical disabilities. It caters for people with a disability who do not have their own family or who cannot be cared for by their own family.

The Ursuline Sister’s Creche: falls under the Central Office for Children’s Homes of the Archdiocese of Malta, which runs 14 homes. Of these, the Ursuline Creche in Sliema takes babies from birth to three years, St Joseph Home, Hamrun takes boys from 11 years to 17 and Fatima Working Girls’ Hostel in Sliema and Jesus of Nazareth Hostel in Zejtun take working girls from 18 years up.

The Saint Lazarus Hospice Foundation: the Malta-registered foundation of the

international Lazarite community under the Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus. The International Honorary patron is Sir Robert Balchin, Knight Principal of HM Queen Elizabeth II of England. The foundation financially and physically assists an extensive amount of hospice and philanthropic work in Malta and Gozo.

Fondazzjoni Arka: for the past 32 years it has strived to promote the welfare of people with special needs and their families. In 1995, The Arka Foundation established the Arka Respite Centre in Gozo. The philosophy of the foundation is based on the individual’s right to dignity, respect and privacy. The Respite Centre, apart from offering a comprehensive choice of programmes, also provides a needs-lead service with the emphasis on the views and needs of the clients.

Dar il-Kaptan: the Foundation for Respite Care Services is committed to providing a professional respite service to people with disabilities and their families. It ensures that families receive the adequate support and the necessary respite, so that people with disabilities can remain in their family home and continue to live in their community.

This fund-raising marathon is to be held at the Baystreet Complex in St Julian’s and will be broadcast continuously on ONE TV, NET TV, Education 22 and Channel 30 between 10am and midnight. Some Lm100,000 worth of gifts will be given out, including six cars and a property valued at Lm60,000.

The public, various associations and businesses will be donating money to these associations. These will be acknowledged during the day.

A number of leading personalities, including political and ecclesiastical leaders, TV personalities, business achievers, singers and other VIPs will all be giving their free time in order to project to the public at large the need for its assistance on the day.

Presenters Gillian Attard and Martin Sapiano will be assisted throughout the day by an impressive list of TV personalities in order to convey the message that “Charity begins at Home” and that “Together we make a difference”.

Some 30 telephone lines and mobile numbers will be available on the day to enable donations from the public to be received, with the amount of the donation ranging from Lm2 to Lm10.

The organisers are confident that, as in the past, this event will have the support of Malta’s main industries and businesses, together with the generous Maltese public.

On behalf of the Arka Foundation, Dar il-Kaptan, Dar Nazareth, the St Lazarus Hospice Foundation and The Ursuline Sisters, the organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in advance for their kind consideration in helping in this event and look forward to the support of everyone in this worthy cause.

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