23 September 2014

PL Motion calls for setting up of permanent committee for family affairs

 - Saturday, 26 March 2011, 00:00

Labour MPs Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, Carmelo Abela and Justyne Caruana yesterday presented notice of a motion to the Clerk of the House of Representatives calling for the setting up of a parliamentary permanent committee for family affairs.

They call for the committee’s setting up before the House rises for the summer recess and that it would be composed of three government MPs, one of whom would be chairman, and two opposition MPs.

The Labour MPs say in their proposed motion that the family has been under sharp scrutiny over the last months which has shown that there is unprecedented agreement about the high standing of the family and all it represents in Malta.

Families are facing challenges and difficulties, which are sometimes insurmountable and the opportunity should not be lost to ensure a better future for them, the motion says.

The permanent committee, the motion adds, would consider all existing legislation and evaluate the socio-economic impact this legislation has on families and children. It would also follow closely the work being done by the National Family Commission, which should be set up on a permanent basis, the Institute of the Family at the University of Malta, and the Commissioner for Children.

Among other functions, the committee would also analyse the existing policy and national plans about families and children and recommend changes or improvements.

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