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Mavala Launched in Malta

Malta Independent Sunday, 27 November 2011, 00:00 Last update: about 5 years ago

A combination of high quality, technically impeccable products, and 50 years of experience in the nail care field, makes Mavala of Switzerland a noteworthy success story. Aside from its own distribution companies in France, England and the US, Mavala now reaches more than 110 markets throughout the world and has recently been launched in Malta by C+M Marketing Ltd.

Mavala also operates manicure schools offering professional training in England, France and Belgium and their trainers recently met the media and a variety of clients including professional nail artists in Malta, offering them information about the products and their use as well as a professional Mavala manicure while discussing the latest colours for the winter season 2012.

Mr Maute, president of Mavala since 1962, credits the firm’s success with its ability to maintain its independent position as a specialist in the face of competition from the diversified giants. Starting in 1959 with the revolutionary Mavala Scientifique (the penetrating nail hardener that not only remains one of the company’s top sellers, but has outlasted perhaps 100 copies), the company has continually developed, refined and expanded the product base. The range now incorporates more than 20 treatment products, to solve common nail problems from slow growth to ragged cuticles. This is why Mavala is well known as world leaders in nail care. Their research laboratories are located adjacent to the manufacturing facilities at their Geneva headquarters and they carry on continual analysis of nail problems and their solutions with the manicure schools providing feedback.

Treatment products are complemented by the mini colour nail enamels, over 200 top fashion and classic shades, plus an extensive selection of toning and long-lasting lipsticks.

In 1967, Eye-Lite Division was created, starting with its famous Double-Lash, helping to stimulate lash growth. Among eye contour treatment, make-up and cleansers, it is still the bestseller of this range.

In 1986, Mavala extended their fingernail expertise to the hands with the Swiss Hand Care programme. The line consists of five products based on natural substances that work to activate the renewal of skin-cells and help the skin retain moisture.

Mavala has extended its expertise to two new areas. In 1995, the Swiss Foot Care and Beauty Programme was launched, composed of eight inter-active products to maintain comfortable, beautiful, trouble-free feet. In 2001, complexion care with Mavala cosmetic and skin care range was marketed in selective stores.

While meeting the demands of the store customer, Mavala has not forgotten the professional side of the business. They have recognised the importance and the special requirements of the professional manicurist – not only in product terms but with good quality, efficient and economical equipment too.

To summarise, what lies behind Mavala’s success is a combination of training, providing solid information and treatment products that really work.

Mavala is Swiss in essence and its products reflect throughout the world the Swiss quality, which means rigour, seriousness, effectiveness and excellence.

Mavala Eye Base

The eye contour is the most fragile part of the face and to avoid irritations it has to be protected and moisturised. Mavala Eye Base helps your eye make-up last longer, gives it a more luminous appearance and heightens the colour while protecting the eyelids.

How to use: Apply Eye Base on the eyelids and the eye contour before using make-up.

The Mavala Eye Base is non-irritant and does not contain any fragrance or colorant. The eye base is a matte finish and is not frosted.

Mini nail polishes

Mavala Minis – perfect little pots of colour that won’t dry out before you reach the bottom.

The long-lasting quality paint produces a professional finish that’s even, smooth and glossy, yet comes off easily with one sweep of remover.

The small pots are perfect for travelling or to keep handy in the handbag. The iconic 5ml pots of colour are an affordable way to buy into key trends. Unlike traditional nail colour, Mavala’s unique formula delivers microscopic air pockets to allow nails to breath, ensuring your natural nails are cared for. All Mavala’s colours are free from parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal.

Mavala is being launched in Malta by C+M Marketing Ltd, 3, Ferdinando Inglott Street, Attard ATD 3134. Tel: (00356) 2142 4079/80, Fax: (00356) 2142 4081.

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