18 September 2014

Tobacco Sellers warned

 - Saturday, 10 December 2011, 00:00

The Environmental Health Directorate of the Superintendence of Public Health warned tobacco products retailers that it would take legal action if tobacco products are found to be in breach of the combined pictorial health warnings.

It said that with respect to tobacco products other than cigarettes, the combined health warnings may be affixed as stickers, provided that such stickers are irremovable – a plastic covering that has to be removed in order to make use of the product is considered as not being irremovable.  The reproduction of the combined health warnings on the stickers must be in accordance with the technical specifications for printing as per Schedule 1 to Legal Notice 302 of 2009.

The Environmental Health Directorate can be contacted on tel. 2133-7333 or 2132-4093 between 8am and 3pm.

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