01 October 2014

International Year Of Cooperatives

 - Saturday, 17 December 2011, 00:00

Parliamentary secretary Jason Azzopardi launched a programme to mark the International Year of Cooperatives, saying these bodies offered the perfect balance between the needs of trade and satisfaction at the place of work.

The programme is under the aegis of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Frendo.

The cooperatives model, Dr Azzopardi said, is ideal because all workers are equal, so every cooperative member has a direct interest in the cooperative’s success.

The government is aiming to introduce the concept to more young people, so that those thinking of setting up shop for themselves would realistically consider the opportunities the cooperatives model offers. The secretariat, he added, was in talks with the education authorities so that children and young students, in primary and secondary levels, would learn about the sector.

The cooperative sector, Dr Azzopardi said, was the least affected by the international economic crisis, and this was especially true for the Cooperatives Banks, a concept the government aims to develop, starting with a national conference on the subject next year.

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