22 September 2014

Basketball – MSV Life Women’s national league: Champions, Luxol, grace the top of the standings

 - Thursday, 29 March 2012, 00:00

Honey Athleta 40

Luxol 49

(8-17, 10-9, 10-15, 12-8)

Luxol’s third victory in four games against their near neighbours pushed them to the top of the rankings on equal matches but it’s a close thing between four teams.

Athleta were coming from an exhilarating win over Depiro but they couldn’t manage back to back victories against top opposition with the champions always in control after a good opening to the game.

Athleta had Raissa Sciberras again just on the bench. Luxol made just one change from their last match with Kay Portelli taking the place of Martina Darmanin.

After Athleta’s early hoop the champions made up a 7-0 run with a Beverlee Zammit triple. Athleta had Aleksandra Ratomska with a couple of hoops but in between Zammit went on with her points and later on a personal patch for Mandi Sciortino also including a triple as Luxol broke clear even though Leanne Sciberras pulled a basket back for Athleta.

In the second session it was Ratomska who drew her team nearer but Robin Murphy had a brief spell for the champions for another double figure advantage. A three basket spread had Athleta back in the fray and at the interval Luxol’s advanatge was on a 26-18 score.

After the break, the Violets pushed forward once more but their newly acquired lead was reduced by an Athleta burst and a Sciberras triple.

Athleta went somewhat close but Luxol had other ideas and they built up a 10-2 run started by Murphy hoops. The Violets’ advantage was a comfortable one with a session to go and a 41-28 score.

The points were not so abundant as before with Luxol having to suffer a good 10-2 Athleta run with Kelly Busuttil grabbing most of the points.

The champions recovered with a Justine Busuttil Gaerty triple to make sure of the result with Ratomska closing down the game with a last second hoop for Athleta.

Athleta: M. De Martino, 10 A. Ratomska,6  C. Ciantar,  L. Calleja, 10 L. Sciberras, M. Azzopardi Duca, G. Muscat, 2  F. Farrugia, 12  K. Busuttil, C. Mifsud

Luxol: S. Pace, 7 M. Sciortino,  C. Medina,  B. Naudi, 3 J. Busuttil Gaerty, 7 G. Zarb, 2 P. Ellul, 18 R. Murphy, 2 D. Muscat,  K. Portelli,  A. Paul, 10 B. Zammit

Referees: E. Mangani, L. Camilleri

Loyola stroll through a comfortable victory

Phoenix Qormi Mendoza 24

Alyssa Ashley Loyola 67

(5-17, 6-14, 6-16, 7-20)

Loyola returned to winning ways as they registered their fourth straight victory over Phoenix. This win puts them at the top of the standings. Phoenix were limited to a handful of points in each session and Loyola relied on Desarae Johnson’s shooting prowess to hike up the score.

Phoenix were three players short with Daniela Zammit Carla Marie Vella and Daniela Scicluna all missing. For Loyola the absentees were Christina Grima Martha Gatt and Justine Mangion.

Loyola opened up with a three basket spread and Denise Hollier points. Phoenix put in their reply with a Carina Gauci Meilaq triple.

Loyola took over once again and they went on till the end of the session with a 7-0 run mainly from Johnson to break clear of their adversaries.

In the second period Phoenix shared the play with their opponents at first but their points tally dried up quickly and it was all Loyola till the end of the period as they made up a 10-0 run to build up a bigger advantage than before on a 31-11 score.

After the break, Phoenix were still in difficulties even though Loyola had Johnson on the bench. A 15-2 Loyola run took them quite some time as they began with Kirsty Tonna points.

Phoenix could only put in their reaction late in the quarter but only managed a couple of hoops when Loyola were on a heavy 47-17 advantage.

The last session had Helene Potigny making all of Phoenix’s points.

Loyola spent the last part of the match making up a long 18-2 run to draw further away with each passing minute.

Phoenix: 2 M. Abela, 2 V. Agius, 2 F. Micallef, 3 C. Gauci Meilaq, M.3 Agius, 2 V. Mifsud Tommasi, 2 N. Said, MR Agius, 11 H. Potigny,  A. Camilleri,       

Loyola: E. Moore,   J. Doughty, 8  D. Hollier, 7 K. Tonna, 11 A. Bonanno, 5 A. Sciberras, 6 F. Camilleri, 5 SJ Barbara, 25 D. Johnson

Referees: A. Carbonaro, J. Mangani

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