01 October 2014

AD Welcomes change in self-employed legislation

 - Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 00:00

Alternattiva Demokratika has expressed satisfaction that the government has put into force the necessary amendments in labour legislation which will give more protection to workers who were often constrained to register as self-employed. 

AD has urged the authorities to address this problem on various occasions. Angele Deguara, AD spokesperson on social policy, said, “AD is glad that the government, following consultation with the General Workers’ Union, has finally put into place new legal amendments to the labour law (EIRA), amendments which were necessary to protect certain workers who did not have the necessary protection by the law as it stood, often leading to the creation of precarious working conditions. 

“As it stood, the law permitted employers to recruit workers for long-term services not as employees but on a self-employed basis. Thus, workers were constrained to register as self-employed even if they worked for the same employer on a regular basis, using tools provided by the employer and unable to determine their working hours themselves. With the new amendments, workers who satisfy five out of eight outlined criteria would have to be engaged on a full-time indefinite contract rather than forced to register as self-employed.

“AD has drawn the attention of the authorities to this anomaly more than once and thus it welcomes these changes as a positive step in the fight against precariousness and worker exploitation. AD also appreciates the work done by the General Workers’ Union in this regard.”

Michael Briguglio, AD chairperson and spokesperson for economy and finance, said: “This legal reform is a positive development in the struggle against precarious employment. AD fully supports calls by progressive unions and NGOs against exploitation of workers. AD’s manifesto will be containing various other proposals in this regard.”

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