23 September 2014

Court: Putting The cart before the horse

 - Thursday, 19 April 2012, 00:00

A parker who expected Transport Malta not to build a horse shelter outside the House of Catalunja in Marsamxett Road, Valletta, because that would prejudice his earnings, has had his court request rejected.

Mr Justice Anthony Ellul, in the first hall of the Civil Court, rejected parker Paul Grech’s application for a warrant stopping Transport Malta from carrying out its plans to provide a shelter for the horses which draw cabs for pleasure rides. Mr Grech, 47, said he had been a parker on the site for the past 13 years.

Transport Malta told the court it had the right to move a parker or parking area if it needed to. No registered parker could expect the parking area where he operated to remain there, as if by permanent lease.

Mr Grech had argued that the authority was going ahead with its plans when it did not have the necessary permits. But authority lawyer Ivan Gatt denied this and said the horse shelter was part of the Valletta regeneration project.

Dr Gatt said St George Square in Valletta used to be a parking area and had a parker, and there used to be horse drawn carriages there too. The carriage owners had applied for a warrant as well, but it too was rejected.

Mr Grech was represented by Dr David Camilleri and Dr Sharon Mizzi.

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