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AD to table motion on party financing... if elected

Malta Independent Sunday, 10 February 2013, 11:36 Last update: about 5 years ago

AD said that in parliament it will table motions on financing of political parties and against amnesties to big developers on building irregularities.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: "In parliament, AD will make sure that financing of political parties is on the agenda. Big money is being spent in this electoral campaign, and the fund raising campaigns of both PN and PL are an insult to people's intelligence, when both parties have close ties to big business". 

"We are not surprised by the fact that both big parties are ready to give amnesties to big developers on building irregularities. Once again, it is clear that both PN and PL want MEPA to be subservient to big developers. In parliament, we will table a motion to prevent this from happening". 

Ralph Cassar, AD Secretary General, said:  "We expect the Nationalist and Labour Parties to publish a detailed account of income and expenditure, including barters, for all their promotional material and equipment. A reasonable time after the General Elections we will publish our campaign accounts, even if other parties do not publish."

"AD believes in the introduction of strict rules on donations to political parties, coupled with the state financing of political parties. As regards the former, we believe that donations in excess of Euro 5,000 should be declared by political parties and those over Euro 40,000 should be made illegal. In the case of state financing of political parties, we suggested that the state should grant on an annual basis to all political parties Euro 3 for every vote obtained on a national level, during a general or a European election."

"There should be a system of state financing for political parties. State financing provides transparency and can be coupled with strict regulations such as ensuring that political parties produce audited accounts on a regular basis. Political parties should present their accounts every year and these should be verified by an independent commission appointed by the Auditor General."

"The sum which each candidate can spend in a general election should be increased from Euro 1400 to Euro 4000. But this amount should include the expenditure made the party at a national level divided by the number of candidates presented. Any expenditure made by third parties to assist the candidate should also be included. The accounts presented by each candidate should be verified by a commission appointed by the Auditor General."

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