16 September 2014

Labour MP Karmenu Vella files protest over 30-year old allegation

 - Friday, 22 February 2013, 13:01

Labour MP Karmenu Vella has filed a judicial protest against a man who wrote a letter to The Times, alleging he had a criminal record and had illegally anchored in Għadira Bay, in 1983, and smuggled in items.

In his protest, filed before the First Hall of the Civil Court, Karmenu Vella said that these allegations, by Salvu Felice Pace, and which were published in the letter – ‘Muscat’s Selective Attitude’, on 14 February, are all lies. He insisted his police record is clean.

The Labour MP said he was never summoned to court and has never been found guilty of any contravention, let alone any wrong doings.  Mr Vella submitted a copy of his clean police record as evidence.

Lawyers Jose Herrera and Veronique Dalli signed the judicial protest. 

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Vincent Williams says:
22 February 2013 17:37

How did Mr Salvu Felice Pace wrote about 30 years ago?  When AT THE PRESENT TIME we have a number of corruption cases.  Mostly the worst corruption case since Independent that is about the oil procurement by Enemalta.  So why did Salvu Felice Pace did not wrote about such corruptions?

Is it because such cases are politically damaging the PN?  Is it because it is not in the political interests of the PN that such letters will be published in the newspapers?  Such attitude confirm how much the electoral PN campaign is negative, dark and black.

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