20 September 2014

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2005 Zejtun bomb contained 1kg in material, court hears

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 11:44

The bomb that exploded in Zejtun in June 2005, killing a woman and grievously injuring another, had about 1 kilogram in material, the Criminal Court heard today.

Taking the witness stand, during the trial of Ronnie Azzopardi, 41, of Cospicua, explosive expert Captain Jeffrey Curmi said the bomb container was packed in a wooden box, which also contained a fire extinguisher and a light bulb to heat up the explosive material.

Batteries, switch and a radio control receiver, similar to that found in remote controlled cars, were also found.

Captain Curmi also explained that the bomb was made in a way that the person who made it could not injure himself.

The trial is in its third day and Ronnie Azzopardi is being charged with the murder of Angela Bondin, 48, and the attempted murder of Tessie Grima and Marie Rose Cassar and her three children, on the eve of the Zejtun parish feast.

The explosion had taken place in a garage and the person behind it had to be in the vicinity to see what was going on. However, he might not necessarily have seen every movement.

In reply to a question on whether traces of the explosive material would be found on the person who made it, Captain Curmi said one can avoid this if he is very careful.

The bomb was apparently meant for Mary Rose Cassar with whom the accused had problems on inheritance following the death of his brother Jason Azzopardi. He had been killed by a bomb in 2001. Ms Cassar had been his partner and she and her family inherited his Mercedes, among others – something the accused could not accept.  

Captain Curmi was assisted by Coloner Albert Camilleri. 

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