16 September 2014

Casual elections likely next week

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 12:17

Casual elections to elect candidates to the House of Representatives, after MPs who were elected on two districts give up one of their seats, are likely to take place next week, The Malta Independent online has learnt.

Contacted this morning, Chief Electoral Commissioner Salvu Gauci explained that MPs must write to the Clerk of the House Ray Scicluna and afterwards, President George Abela issues a writ giving the Electoral Commission responsibility to hold the casual elections.

The PL executive decided who will be relinquishing which seats in a meeting on Monday while the PN will be meeting Thursday to take its decision.

Once the President issues the writ, the Electoral Commission must give five consecutive days for nominations to be received and a sixth day for any objections there may be. Casual elections may be held the next day.

Explaining the process, Mr Gauci said this is quite flexible and the two parties may not necessarily have elections on the same day.

Casual elections must also be held for local councils and the European Parliament, since a number of councillors and three MEPs were elected to Parliament.

The procedure to be followed is very similar to that of MPs.

Councillors must write a letter of resignation to the minister responsible for local councillors while MEPs must write to the Clerk of the House, Ray Scicluna.

The PL MPs and six PN MPs who are renouncing their second seats are expected to send their letter regarding which seat they will be vacating to the Clerk of the House this week.

An assistant of the clerk of the House confirmed casual elections must be held before 6 April, when Parliament will open because it does not make sense for the government or opposition to start their Parliamentary work with members yet to be elected.


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Carmelo Pace says:
20 March 2013 15:28

mela ,mela ,dawn jistaw,mela ma tafx  l issa malta taghna biss w naghmlu li rridu

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George Calleja says:
20 March 2013 12:36

Bic-cajt ic-cajt, sas-6 t'April, il-membri kollha ikunu hadu kwazi xahar mistrieh!! Tajjeb eh? Imma issa OK!!!

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