01 October 2014

Health minister's move shows lack of faith in management - Cassar

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 15:48

by Jacob Borg


Health minister Godfrey Farrugia has set up an office inside of the emergency department at Mater Dei in order to be more in touch with happenings at the department.

Former health minister Joe Cassar expressed his discomfort at this fact, saying that it shows a lack of faith in the management at Mater Dei.

“I too used to have an office at Mater Dei, but mine was within the administrative wing, not within the clinical system. If we are paying management from taxpayers’ money, it should be managers who manage not ministers,” Dr Cassar said.

Dr Cassar said that there is very little space in the emergency department, speculating that Dr Farrugia must have commandeered somebody else’s office.

 The former minister for health called Dr Farrugia’s move a return to “80s style politics, where politicians walked the wards and ran hospitals.”

“You either trust the management at Mater Dei, or you don’t.  Back in the 80s the minister and chief medical officer used to walk up and down the corridors of St Luke’s. Everyone used to be intimidated by them. I was a medical student back then, and management was non-existent.”

Dr Farrugia claimed to have found a deficit of €63 million on taking over as health minister, but Dr Cassar said that his former ministry was audited on a yearly basis and that everything was done by the book.

“The government has not yet switched into government mode. They are still in opposition mode. Problems have to be faced. All they are doing at the moment is finding faults with what we used to do,” Dr Cassar explained.

Dr Cassar also denied Dr Farrugia’s claim that “1,000 referral forms had been intentionally been withheld.”

“Dr Farrugia evidently did not check about this. Had he checked with Mater Dei’s CEO, he would have known what this matter was all about.  The CEO was tasked with looking at each and every referral, and whenever possible he tried to expedite the referral. It is not true that referral forms were intentionally held.”

Dr Cassar expressed his desire to remain positive, saying that the Maltese “have given their verdict, but at the moment Labour do not even seem confident enough to govern even with a majority of 35,000 plus votes.”

On Dr Farrugia’s declaration that outpatients’ clinics will be held at Mater Dei between 4pm and 8pm, Dr Cassar pointed out that this was due to an agreement signed between the previous government and the Medical Association of Malta.

“Give us something new please,” Dr Cassar remarked pointedly. 


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Andre Tabone says:
22 March 2013 15:01

dr cassar i liliana mifsud and  behalf of my family, thanks for all you havedone to our country. may god bless you and your family.

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Brian Ellul says:
21 March 2013 10:59

u le l'ahwa... after some more time, everthing will be OK... that's what we were promised!

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Michael Farrugia says:
21 March 2013 08:35

By installing himself at Mater Dei the minister will be able to see what the problem is for himself.It does not necessarily mean interference management but on the other hand Dr Cassar did not solve the obvious problems ! I am sure that staff at A & G will provide excellent feedback to the new minister.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
21 March 2013 08:32

Chris Briffa. Dr Joe Cassar is the minister who never knew what was happening at Mater Dei, waiting lists, medicines out-of-stock !!!

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Brian Ellul says:
21 March 2013 10:58

And finally we would NOT have any more medices out of stock now.... and no waiting list...

Eddy... we're taking note of your comments my friend now!

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Marion Storace says:
20 March 2013 18:43

@ Chris:  have you been living in cuckoo land these last 15 years especially during the last legislature ?   You know what the ex-health minister delivered 'out of stock pills', long waiting lists, patients stripped off their dignity by being left in corridors and a debt of €63 million - do you call this good governance especially where the health sector was concerned?????   You still have not come to terms after the bashing you got at the polls and the more arrogance and self-denial you show, the more, you will remain in oppostion

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David Cilia says:
20 March 2013 20:59

Stop criticising what the previous government did and start acting Storace! PL were given the mandate for 5 years not to blabber and criticise what was done but to act! This shows that PL haven't yet learned their lesson and are not ready to govern!

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Joseph Stafrace says:
21 March 2013 08:16

@ Cilia - your pathetic comments are just a wish list. I am sure that the new administration will be successful in reaching its targets for the benefit of the people, including yourself.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
21 March 2013 08:31

David Cilia: You seem afraid that the Maltese people are informed about the REAL situation left by the outgoing GonziPN administration !

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20 March 2013 18:26

Well said Dr Cassar. I think it is imperative that the ongoing onslaught of allegations by the new Government be repelled by clear and unequivocal statements such as those by Dr Cassar.

We know that the PN was far from perfect in Government but they did deliver, and deliver well, on a number of counts and the health sector is certainly one of them.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
20 March 2013 17:02

No wonder ex-minister Joe cassar was cut off from what was happening in the emergency department. So much so that once he had stated that there were no longer patients on stretchers in corridors, when at that same day there were quite a number !!!!!!! Dr. Cassar's reference to the €63 million deficit found by the new minister, can only be taken as a joke ! Remember, you said once that you found €7 million which you didn't need, and returned them ??? Do you think people are fools ? The people have shown you and your colleagues what they think of you on March 9 !

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