20 September 2014

PN opposition 'will put national interest first'

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 13:45

by Duncan Barry

Update 1

The Nationalist Party in opposition will place the national interest first and foremost, party leader Lawrence Gonzi said this afternoon.

Speaking after he was formally sworn in as leader of the Opposition, Dr Gonzi stressed that the immediate priority was to ensure that the 2013 budget is approved as soon as parliament opens on April 6.

The 2013 budget had not been approved last December, when Dr Gonzi was Prime Minister, but the Labour Party which is now in government had pledged to retain most of its framework.

Dr Gonzi emphasised that our EU neighbouring countries were still facing tough challenges due to the economic turmoil while adding that it was vital for Malta to be extra careful in this regard.

The situation in Cyprus, he said, is highly worrying.

Cyprus' financial system (and country) in general is in a dire state and requires external assistance.

Dr Gonzi reiterated that his term as Opposition leader will be brief and added that the person to be chosen as new PN leader will also take up the role of Opposition leader.

The same day his party suffered a heavy defeat at the polls, Dr Gonzi announced that he will not seek to be re-elected as PN leader.

Dr Gonzi also revealed that the PN executive council will be meeting tomorrow with the aim of starting off the PN leadership race process but stopped short of revealing when the contest will officially kick off.


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Michael Farrugia says:
21 March 2013 08:29

I hope the national interest is not that as defined by the last legistlature !!!!

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Hans Sachs says:
20 March 2013 20:54

Thank you, Dr. Gonzi for your selfless dedication to Malta in the past legislature. You not only kept Malta afloat in the worst economic crisis in a century, we are actually among the 4 best performing countries in the EU! And this in the midst of spiralling oil prices, an upheaval in Libya, and not least a pathetic, egoistic rebellion from your own ranks joining hands with an opportunistic Joseph Muscat. We have lost a statesman and replaced him with a very average prime minister. I am sure in the near future many people will regret their decision to 'switch'..Dr. Gonzi, I wish you all the best!!!

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