02 October 2014

Police: No theft of equipment from ministries reported

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 11:17

by Jacob Borg

If any concrete information is had on the theft of equipment from Castille, the various ministries or any other government entities, then the persons in the know are keeping the knowledge close to their chests.

The Malta Independent requested information from the Police as to whether any reports of theft had been filed for office equipment going missing during the handover between administrations.

The Police’s media relations unit today confirmed to The Malta Independent online that “to-date the Police did not receive any reports.”

A blog on one online portal accosted Opposition leader Lawrence Gonzi “for the items that his party stole from the Maltese State last week,” claiming that a “few tens of thousands' worth of office equipment” had gone missing.

As reported by this paper on Monday, all such equipment is inventoried. Therefore verifying any alleged theft should be as simple as undertaking a physical audit of the equipment present against the official manifest.

One such case hitting the headlines was Casa Leone in St Venera. The parliamentary secretary for Agriculture Roderick Galdes circulated pictures of the Casa Leone office void of all equipment.

The staff of one government entity formerly based at Casa Leone were ordered to clear their desks on 13 March, the very day that the new Cabinet was sworn-in. They were shifted to a nearby school on a temporary basis, office equipment and all. This would go some way in explaining the absence of equipment in certain offices at Case Leone.

A civil service source speaking to The Malta Independent also explained how a lot of the equipment used in the various ministries and government entities are actually on lease. The equipment in question was then duly returned during the handover between administrations. 


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Anna Portelli says:
21 March 2013 12:50

FYI Brian

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Brian Ellul says:
21 March 2013 12:18

Therefore... the ministers lied!

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edward vella says:
20 March 2013 16:50

Qeghdin ixommu x'riha ta hruq hawn?!! Milli jidher hawn hafna li ma felhux it telfa ta b'aktar minn 35,000 vot maggoranza!!! Issa mhux ahjar taghtu ftit cans u hallu lil min jahdem fil kwiet u s serenita?? Fadal 5 snin ohra ghal gudizzju iehor tal poplu!! Bdejtu kmieni wisq bil qrid u t tgergir fil vojt!!!Nahseb li ma tridx tkun gharef wisq biex tifhem li hawn min hu mahruq wahda u sew!!!

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Robert Agius says:
20 March 2013 16:17

If they were really interested in a proper handover etc they should never have fired the Perm Secs. In any event this is fast becoming another PR exercise based on lies by the PL. They should concentrate on running the country instead of fabricating stories. Why haven't the papers quizzed Roderick Galdes about the photos he passed on to the papers?

PL you have been elected to govern - now just get on with it instead of pulling more stunts - the campaign is over and now you have to work - W - O - R - K.

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Peter Rossi says:
20 March 2013 23:39

Just the right comment. Prosit.

IMHO if this new gov has its plans stretched out to the least detail then the ministers and parliamnetary secs would not waste their time on missing pencils but just start WORKING. But the only item trashed out by the Prime Minister seems to be the fireworks factory permits.  Do these fireworks factories employ 10,000 people or what?

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GL Calleja says:
20 March 2013 14:58

This is becoming to be a very complicated run of events. One person says the other stole the office equipment and now very gently and very slowly they come up with some sort of a 2 cent explanation for the people. Hey people, the election is over and the PL won and the PN lost, now get a grip and let us get down to more serious matters. Like, who was involved in the OIL CASE SCANDAL? When is Air Malta going to reach a decision on the unscheduled delay of 35 minutes of a scheduled flight by an airline employee at the Milan Airport to accommodate another employee and his family because they showed up late for the flight? When are the police going to start solving some of the unsolved murders? Why has crime taken over this country?  When is the new government going to call a full session of the Maltese Parliament and sign a budget so Malta can move on? I am sure there is a good explanation of where the furniture and the PCs and the laptops went?? Of course there is, but nobody is telling. So, is all this government equipment going to be returned soon?? And if so when? Are we starting to play political tag right after a fresh election that has promised nothing but transparency and truth? Or are we going to play the usual game of, stick it to the TAX PAYER as usually happens after a General Election?

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Ray Buhagiar says:
20 March 2013 13:23

Sur Edward Vella, jekk huwa veru li nsterqu xi affarijiet kif allegatament qieghed jinghad, il-ministri koncernati ghandhom ir-RESPONSABBILTA li jirrapportaw lill-pulizija, mhux biss interess politiku jew xort'ohra. Hawn fuq flus il-poplu qeghdin nitkellmu.

Issa jekk mhux veru...

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edward vella says:
20 March 2013 12:11

Ma jfissirx li ghax ma sarx rapport lill pulizija ma nsteraq xejn mill ministeri!!! Ma nahsibx li kienu qeghdin jigdbu il-ministri il-godda meta qalu li sabu kullimkien bahh!! Ma nahsibx li hawn wisq fidili li jemmnu li hallew kollox kif kien meta nqalbet il-folja!!! Kull min ghandu ftit melh go mohhu jista jobsor x'sar meta kienu jafu ir rizultat.X'interess kellhom il ministri il-godda li jghidu li sabu kollox bahh?!!! Kemm qeghdin tahsbuh iblah lil-poplu?? Ieqfu ghidu il bassezzi please!!!!

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Mark Attard says:
20 March 2013 13:46

On the other side, Mr Vella, the police didn't received any reports of theft. The claims were made by only one person, which I suspect that he didn't realize that the office of which photograph was passed forward to the Times, was not even of a ministerial office. Another explanation could be, that this person still didn't realize yet that he is not anymore on the opposition side, consequently still acting as a member of the opposition. 

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James Buhagiar says:
20 March 2013 13:49

Edward - i think the new ministers are not saying the whole truth.

It might be true that the offices were empty... but what did they expect to find?  Desks and telephones were in place.

But did you really expect to find computers or laptops on desks? In any serious organisation (and Government is) every asset is assigned to an individual. i.e. first the individual gets assigned an office, then a desk and then he or she gets the necessary equipment according to his/her requirements.

And if the staff were ordered to clean up their desks for an imminent move/transfer - isn't it obvious that they packed their stationery too?

To quote you, "kull min għandu ftit melħ f'moħħu..." jużah! ...u mhux jemmen kull ma jisma'!

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Gorg Sciberras says:
20 March 2013 13:58

"X'interess kellhom il ministri il-godda li jghidu li sabu kollox bahh"
Scoring cheap political points with persons like you would be the first that springs to mind.

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