22 September 2014

Pope’s grandma had Maltese surname

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 16:17

Is there a Maltese connection with the new pope?

The question arises with the publication of a photo by the Associated Press, shows the pope’s father (the young boy in the picture) posing with his own parents, named as Juan Bergoglio and Margarita Vasallo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The pope’s grandmother was therefore a Vasallo.

Vasallo is a common surname originating in Spain and Italy, from where many migrants left for Latin America over the centuries and also from where the Maltese surname Vassallo is also believed to have been derived.

Vassallo is in fact one of the spelling variations of the same surname, which also include Vassalli, Vasallo and Vassello.

Pope Francis – previously Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio - was installed as the new head of the Church on Tuesday.


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Joseph Stafrace says:
21 March 2013 08:18

It's Vasallo not Vassallo right?  Vasallo is an Italian surname.

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Josef Camilleri says:
21 March 2013 05:52

Vassallo like many other surnames found in Malta for the clarification is not a Maltese surname, it is an Italian surname  that migrated to the Maltese islands way back in medieval times, follow this link to see where the Pope's Vasallo connection came from

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Ben Agius says:
21 March 2013 00:58

That's a bit rich to have a headline that she had a Maltese surname! From what you said yourself, the conclusion is based on not much. Thanks for going out of your way to investigate before reaching your conclusion!!

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