01 October 2014

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Sudanese men file Constitutional Application for Government compensation

 - Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 15:18

Two Sudanese men filed a Constitutional Application against the Attorney General and are demanding compensation from the Government as they are alleging they did not have a fair hearing in reasonable time.

Omar Osman Omar and Anwar Otman Hasan said that they were kept in in jail for more than two and a half years in prison without any justification.  In their application they stated that both had been accused before a Magistrate’s court in March 2007, of violent rape, attempted violently defilement and illegalarrest. 

After nearly six years, the hearing started in front of a criminal court and were acquitted of violent rape on November 12, 2012 but found guilty of the rest and jailed for four and a half years. The Sudanese also said that they stayed in prison around 30 months more than they were punished for. The application was filed by lawyers Roberto Montalto and Kris Scicluna.



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