17 September 2014

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Tabone had stopped ophthalmology practice when appointed minister

 - Thursday, 18 April 2013, 15:03

The Franco Mercieca saga is drawing comparisons to when Censu Tabone, then a leading ophthalmologist at a time when they were fewer in number, had been prohibited by then Prime Minister George Borg Olivier to practice his profession, even on a voluntary basis.

Dr Tabone had been appointed Minister of Labour, Employment, Social Welfare and Immigration in 1966, at the age of 53.

At the time, he was one of three ophthalmic surgeons, and one of two who served at the government hospital. Dr Tabone was the only one who served the Gozitan community.

On being made minister, he pleaded with the then Prime Minister George Borg Olivier to be allowed to visit Gozo in his free time on Sundays to serve the Gozitan community for free. But Dr Borg Olivier had denied his permission.

For five years until 1971 – when the Nationalist Party lost the election – Dr Tabone did not practice his profession. When, in 1987, he was elected again and appointed Foreign Affairs Minister and later President of the Republic, he again stopped practicing.  

Parliamentary secretary Franco Mercieca has been allowed to continue his practice as an eye surgeon although this goes against the ministerial code of ethics. He has been granted a waiver by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Today, there are many more eye surgeons working in both the public and private sector.


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Joe Pavia says:
18 April 2013 21:58

You seem to be a very intelligent person Mr Privitera.   You twist and should as it suits you.   Keep it up.   Lets see what the balance of the first 100 days of Lejber will prove to be.   More Malta Taghna il koll more pronounced.  

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Richard Caruana says:
18 April 2013 19:50

Talking about Censu Tabone, one's talking about a real gentleman,

A very rare quality in these days of Labour.

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Peter Grech says:
18 April 2013 17:56

.....But Franco is speciallllll............

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Stefan Vella says:
18 April 2013 18:16

Parliament Secretary guarantees priority boarding on the Gozo Ferry. VIP person and all that nonsense.

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Kenneth Cremona says:
18 April 2013 17:38

With every comment you make Eddie, the more of a hypocrite you prove to are.

Shame on you, You lost any ounce of credibility you had.

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Peter Rossi says:
18 April 2013 16:41

Censu Tabone was not only the best ophtalmologist in Malta and Gozo, but he was recognised also internationally. Censu tabone worked voluntarily for some years in third world countries, saving the eyesight of thousands especially children.

Censu Tabone never worked for money but he worked for the people. whether as an ophtalmologist or a politician. , that is he never put financial gain before his duties and moral values.

This ophtalmologist doublingup s politician and who thinks that he is God's gift to Malta should, if he believes so much in himself, volunteer to work for free at Mater Dei and other public hospitals while taking leave of absence as parly sec. Then and only then we would believe in his honesty.


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Joe Pavia says:
18 April 2013 16:32

The law is equal for all Mr Priviteera.   He should have made his homework before he made the decision to go into politics.   Laws are there to be observed by one and all.   And no concessions.   He chose and he abide by what he chose.

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Etienne Bonanno says:
18 April 2013 16:27

Or Franco Mercieca could resign his post of PS. No ethics breach, no patients' health compromised. Everybody's happy.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
18 April 2013 15:41

The code of ethics in such instances where the health of patients is involved, should no longer apply.

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Charles Camilleri says:
18 April 2013 16:12

Would you have said the same thing if the person concerned was Joe Cassar, for example? U hallina eddie, titkellem kif jaqbillek... kieku ghamilha xi hadd tal-PN kont tghid li hu skandlu u jqum pandemonju

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Eddy Priviteera says:
18 April 2013 16:59

Dr. Joe Cassar huwa psikjatra. F'Malta ghandna psikjatri kemm irridu. F'li specjalizazzjoni ta' Mr. Franco Mercieca , skond ma stqarr l-istess kirurgu, m'ghandniex min !

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George Calleja says:
19 April 2013 12:50

@ Eddy Privitera
Franco Mercieca, bhalek Eddy kapaci jara t-tibna f'ghajnejn haddiehor (xi nazzjonalist) imma mhux kapaci,bhalek, tara t-travu f'ghajnejn haddiehor (xi laburist). Kif qallek Charles, mur ara x'kont tikteb u tghid kieku kien Joe Cassar.

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Gorg Sciberras says:
18 April 2013 16:45

Sabiha din Eddie. Ir-regoli jghoddu biss fejn jaqbillu l-Muviment.

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