18 September 2014

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Employment ‘key' to successful integration of migrants

 - Thursday, 18 April 2013, 12:53

While speaking during an international conference on the integration of migrants and employment, organised by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Dr Helena Dalli, said that the Government is committed to develop an immigrant integration policy based on experience, knowledge and practice in Malta and elsewhere.

Dr Dalli said that the Government has to base this policy on the European Union’s Common Basic Principles for immigrant integration, which were adopted by the Justice and Home Affairs Council in November 2004 and form the foundations of EU initiatives in the field of integration.

Minister Dalli said that one key aspect of these basic principles is employment.  Dr Dalli said that employment is key for the integration of migrants in their host country.  She said that the Government’s opinion on this matter is that integration “has to be supported by efforts in education, especially with regards to language”.  Dr Dalli said that migrants should have a good knowledge of their host country’s culture, history and politics.

Of concern to the Government are working conditions.  Dr Dalli said that “precarious employment conditions cannot ever lead to successful integration”.  She said that “integration either brings one into mainstream society or it fails”.  Towards this end the Government is committed to fight precarious employment. 

The IOM international conference was organised to stimulate thinking on integration policies and projects for third country nationals residing in the European Union.  It was funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals.

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GL Calleja says:
18 April 2013 17:03

First of all how can the government base this policy on the European Union’s Common Basic Principles for immigrant integration when none of the other EU States want to honour the Burden Sharing that the EU itself promised? Minister Dalli, Malta and the Maltese people are not the HOST COUNTRY. These are illegal immigrants who have invaded out island uninvited and will be taking our jobs away while integrating, as you put it. Malta is way too small to accommodate these illegal immigrants, especially when the government cannot accommodate their own people. Stop the politics and get real. The question is, that the EU is dictating to our government how to run our country for the best of the Maltese people or is the EU set on preventing these illegal immigrants from reaching the Main EU States and are using Malta as a scapegoat. Most of these illegal immigrants do not want to be here and the majority of the Maltese people don't want them here, so what is the problem? For those who do not want to stay here, let them move on to other EU States, that is their intention in the first place. If the EU really wants to help these illegal immigrants then they should be honest and open the doors to the rest of the other EU States. There are barely enough jobs to accommodate all the Maltese locals and you want to integrate and be host to more people? The EU are putting out a lot of euros to entice this little island into keeping these illegal immigrants here. There are NGOs who are profiteering by having these illegal immigrants and there are Human Traffickers who are getting rich transporting these illegal immigrants. Most of these illegals are opportunists and not refugees and one must be careful in deciding which is which. Why not put the question to all the Maltese people how they feel about the invasion of illegal immigrants. The government found it necessary to squander 4,000,000 Million euros to find out how the public felt about allowing divorce to take place in Malta. Stop the politics and do what is right for the Maltese Communities.

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