23 September 2014

'Experience in corneal surgery gives me edge over other surgeons'

 - Thursday, 18 April 2013, 12:57

by Keith Micallef

Parliamentary Secretary Franco Mercieca believes that even though other ophthalmologists at Mater Dei may be qualified in field of cornea and anterior segment surgery, his experience in this highly specialised field gives him the edge since he is the one who performs this kind of surgery on a regular basis, rather than treat a handful of such cases each year.

Mr Mercieca said this to The Malta Independent online, following the remarks made earlier by the head of the Mater Dei Ophthalmology Department Thomas Fenech ,who told this portal  that Mr Mercieca is not “indispensable” to his department.

Whilst partly agreeing with Dr Fenech, Mr Mercieca explained that the patient’s interest dictates that each member of the ophthalmology department focuses on his area of specialisation, to have the highest possible success rate.

As an example he said that a professional footballer can play in attack and try to score, but a renowned striker would stand a much bigger chance of succeeding than a defender and vice versa.

Mr Mercieca said that for this reason, he was granted permission by the prime minister to continue to perform his duties as an ophthalmologist.

He said that he is confident he will still be able to carry out his new responsibilities as parliamentary secretary, since the number of  cases involving cornea and anterior segment surgery cases is rather limited due to the size of the local population.

He concluded that he has no personal issues with Mr Fenech stressing that he is not the type who likes to antagonise situations.


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Mark Borg says:
18 April 2013 21:41

Dr Franco Mercieca has two choices ; take it or leave it . He can’t do both jobs.
If he wants to serve as a PS he has to renounce his profession for the next five years .

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GL Calleja says:
18 April 2013 18:26

Dr Franco Mercieca nobody is disputing your capabilities or your expertise. You are very smart but not smart enough to make a choice? You made a choice and only you are responsible for your actions. So please do not blame the people for opposing your choice of priorities. There are rules of ethics one has to follow those ethics. It is a shame that somehow you chose to listen to politicians and maybe jeopardizing your true profession. You are a true gift given to the people of Malta and to those who need you as their ophthalmologist. Becoming a politician is not rocket science but being the best at what you do is. You have a special talent, a special gift that can help thousands of people. Honestly, please for the sake of the Maltese people, give up your political dream in order to be free to do what you do best and that is helping people. Politicians can be replaced very easily but a person with your talents cannot be replaced that easy. Thank you for listening, the Ophthalmology  Department at Mater Dei and your patients need you there 24/7.

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Peter Rossi says:
18 April 2013 16:53

Censu Tabone was not only the best ophtalmologist in Malta and Gozo, but he was recognised also internationally. Censu tabone worked voluntarily for some years in third world countries, saving the eyesight of thousands especially children.

Censu Tabone never worked for money but he worked for the people. whether as an ophtalmologist or a politician. , that is he never put financial gain before his duties and moral values.

This ophtalmologist doublingup s politician and who thinks that he is God's gift to Malta should, if he believes so much in himself, volunteer to work for free at Mater Dei and other public hospitals while taking leave of absence as parly sec. Then and only then we would believe in his honesty.


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J. Busuttil says:
18 April 2013 16:45

What is the difference between Joseph Muscat, Franco Mercieca and Franco Debono. Nothing they are all full of self-praise.

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Charles Camilleri says:
18 April 2013 16:34

kull min jismu franco donnu rasu kbira hawn Malta...

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GL Calleja says:
18 April 2013 18:09

Low blow Mr Camilleri. That remark is very and derogatory and insulting..

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Etienne Bonanno says:
18 April 2013 16:13

Resign from PS - problem solved, no code of ethics breached.

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Richard Caruana says:
18 April 2013 16:02

Resign from PS if you're such a unique specialist in this field.

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Joseph Fenech says:
18 April 2013 15:13

If it is so important to do such operations why have you accepted to be a  parliamentary secretary? Don't you think that the  waiting list will be more complicated than shortened?

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Francis Saliba says:
18 April 2013 14:51

Self-praise .....

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Brian Ellul says:
18 April 2013 14:39

'Trumpet blower' awarded to you!

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Mario Mercieca says:
18 April 2013 13:36

Yes, but what gives you the edge in being a Parlamentary sec responsible for the elderly?

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