16 September 2014

Government denies amnesty was promised before election

 - Monday, 10 June 2013, 20:38

The government has denied that it had promised amnesties to prisoners before the election.

Replying to a press conference given by Nationalist Mp Jason Azzopardi, the government said that amnesties are a tool the government is using to reform the prison system after years of neglect.

The list provided (see attachment) shows that the amnesty that was given last week was among the smallest that were given by different administrations.

Dr Azzopardi had proposed an amnesty when new Archbishop Paul Cremona was appointed in 2007.


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Anthony J. Borg says:
11 June 2013 08:35

To be more credible the PN  must mention the previous amnesties that occurred under their administration.

There is nothing wrong to admit wrong doing, but it will not reflect logical to criticize this amnesty without mentioning the ones endorsed by President Emeritus Fenech Adami.

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