24 September 2014

‘European politics on immigration ignore Malta’s interests’ - Sant

 - Monday, 17 June 2013, 09:45

Malta’s needs in the sphere of immigration are being ignored by the EU, former prime minister and labour leader Alfred Sant said on his blog on

“Huge damage will be done to Maltese interests if we act or appear to act xenophobic. But, a small community like ours will naturally encounter difficulty in helping or absorbing people from different cultures, arriving on our shores in substantial numbers without prior warning or a plan. Our European ‘friends’ are not ready to accept this reality,” Dr Sant said.

Dr Sant, an aspirant MEP in next year’s elections, lamented the lack of burden sharing in the EU’s common European asylum system.

“The same rule will continue to be applied, in that ‘illegal’ immigrants into Europe will be the responsibility of the first country through which they enter. There is no provision for the implementation of a programme of solidarity, in which other EU countries will share the burden with Malta my absorbing some of the immigrants arriving on our shores. As a percentage, Malta has the highest proportion of immigrants in Europe,” Dr Sant continued.

Dr Sant predicts two consequences for Malta, neither of which are particularly rosy.

“Malta may face huge financial and logistical problems in providing the appropriate services to new immigrants. There is also a possibility of increasing discontent in the Maltese people against them,” Dr Sant predicted. 


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Louise Vella says:
17 June 2013 16:54

Malta’s needs in the sphere of illegal immigration have been ignored by the former Prime Minister and Labour leader Alfred Sant for the past 10 years.  We now expect him to insist on the Maltese Government
1. to put Malta's national interests first in the problem of illegal immigration;
2. to stop illegal immigrants from coming to Malta regardless of what JRS and UNHCR say.
3. to return to their country as many of the illegal immigrants as possible by means of a determined policy of finding them in the well-known areas of Malta where they can be found in large numbers and of making the countries of origin move to give the required travel documents, if necessary by threatening to use our clout in the EU.

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GL Sammut says:
17 June 2013 16:34

Where have you been Mr Sant? We have been singing the same song for the last ten years or so. Everybody knows what the consequences are, the question is what is the PL going to do about it since the PN did nothing? That is the question. By the way do you really expect an EU State like Italy wants to go into the Burden Sharing agreement after receiving 2400 illegal immigrants themselves this weekend alone? Most of the other EU States find themselves in the same boat so what is the alternative but to turn these Illegal Immigrants back to where they came from? Hotel Malta is full and cannot take anymore unwanted guests.

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