18 September 2014

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7% of babies born in last 5 years have unknown father

 - Monday, 24 June 2013, 19:59

Seven per cent of babies born in the last five years have ‘unknown father’ listed on their birth certificate, Interior Minister Manuel Mallia told Parliament this evening.

He was replying to a parliamentary question submitted by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi.


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GL Sammut says:
24 June 2013 21:26

I hate tu use this term but let us call a spade a spade. Unknown father my foot. Are these women sleeping around with any Tom, Dick and Harry? If the government wants to get to the truth there is a thing called DNA that can tell who the real father is. The Unknown Father Syndrome has become a business at the expense to the Tax Payer.  The sad part is that the government sanctions this by rewarding these women who do not know who they slept with!

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Tony Gatt says:
28 June 2013 09:22

If the women concerned do not know who the father is, It could be argued that they should be treated as prostitutes. That would alter the case substantially, I expect.

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Robert Lowell says:
24 June 2013 20:31

Declaring a baby with unknown father is just a good strategy to obtain more social benefits ! It should be versed and those who declare paternity should be sustained instead! At least these are being responsible for their actions !

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