19 September 2014

PN pushing for harsher penalties for those assaulting public officers

 - Thursday, 04 July 2013, 14:04

by Jacob Borg

PN MP Jason Azzopardi presented a private member’s bill this afternoon, calling for changes to the criminal code.

Dr Azzopardi said that the PN is taking a “zero tolerance” approach for offences involving vilification, threats or bodily harm against public officers.

The proposed amendment will aim for harsher penalties for those found guilty.

Dr Azzopardi said that such a law would not be unprecedented, as those found guilty of drug trafficking also lack the possibility of a suspended sentence or probation.

He said that this will send out a strong message that all officials receiving a government wage must be respected.

The bill also proposes for longer sentences to be meted out to those found guilty. 


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Michael Walter says:
05 July 2013 21:12

Why should public officials receice preferential treatment,we all need to be protected from violence.
Those on the taxpayers payroll,will receive adequate respect as and when they earn it.

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Ramon Casha says:
04 July 2013 14:42

There should be harsher penalties to whoever resorts to violence, whether against public officials or not. There have been too many cases of people being beaten up, cut up with knives and even had a car drive into them and the courts just let the aggressor off with a paltry fine or suspended sentence.

On the other hand I consider the term "vilification" to be too vague. It could be used to clamp down on criticism. There already are laws against libel and slander, I see no need for this.

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