02 October 2014

Road work done in 60 days – Minister Mizzi

 - Thursday, 04 July 2013, 15:43

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Joe Mizzi yesterday announced the completion of works in Triq San Lawrenz, Vittoriosa, saying that what had been promised repeatedly over the last eight years had been completed by the new government in 60 days.

The works eliminate the inconveniences many residents had been suffering, he said.

The intended road works had been raised in parliament repeatedly. In 2005 the House of Representatives was told it would not be long before the work started, in 2006 it was announced that the tender had been issued and was being considered, in 2007 it was promised that the road would be included in that year’s programme, in 2009 it was said that the Transport Authority had completed the services, and in 2010 that arrangements were being made for the work to start. It never did.

Then Minister Jesmond Mugliett had told parliament in 2005 that paving of the road was going to start and a year later he said it was intended to complete the works in 2006.

The road is about 2,000 metres long. Mr Mizzi said that in the past 100 days, infrastructural works had been done on at least 30 residential streets.



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Mr B J Simmons says:
05 July 2013 13:15

Will it fall apart within the same timescale do you think?

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Vincent Williams says:
05 July 2013 17:27

@ B J Simmons

About 'falling apart' how about asking the PN, just to mention one white elephant project, the White Rocks project !!

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Vincent Williams says:
05 July 2013 12:13

@ P. Grech and C. Camilleri

About the oil, Peter, why don't you ask Dr Eddie Fenech Adami and the drilling in Gozo?  Why don't you ask the previous PN PM about the many documents worth thousands and thousands of euros which where found abandoned in a warehouse?

Regarding the roads that had to be redone, Carmel, ask the previous GonziPN about that.  Especially roads in Gozo.

But what you both did not denied.  Because it is true is that what various PN Governments did not do in years.  Minister Joe Mizzi did it in less than 4 months.

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Peter Grech says:
04 July 2013 17:50

Wow, any news on where is the oil you harped for so long about?

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Carmel Camilleri says:
04 July 2013 16:26

I hope we will not have a repeat of Lorry Sant's story then Minister of works when many  roads had to be redone from scratch.

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