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Mental Health Commissioner welcomes Charles Scerri’s appointment

Malta Independent Wednesday, 24 July 2013, 15:06 Last update: about 5 years ago

The Commissioner of Mental Health has welcomed the government’s announcement of the appointment of Dr Charles Scerri as the national focal point for dementia.

Dementia is a medical condition that although prevalent among the elderly, is not a direct consequence of the ageing process. Like other conditions, early diagnosis helps one manage the disease better and thus enhance the quality of life. 

The Commissioner said that a category of the elder population who suffer from dementia are at a greater risk of falling in the poverty trap and are susceptible to abuse.

“When one looks at what is happening in far bigger countries in the EU, and other continents, one will find a number of strategies that Malta further explore and adopt to address our country’s situation.

Researchers are also offering advice on how such risks may be reduced, including regular health checks monitoring circulation, diabetes, and blood pressure, among others.

A study conducted in the UK showed a decrease of nearly 25% in dementia sufferers in 2011, based on a 1999 study.

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