18 September 2014

Three arrested over slaying of flamingo

 - Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 11:54

Three men were arrested in relation to the slaying of a flamingo on 24 August, at about 6.15pm, in the area known as Tal-Fessej in Xewkija, the police said.

Back then, the police were informed that a bird fitting the description of one of two flamingos seen earlier was shot by hunters and had been recovered at sea by a hunting dog.

Despite the several extensive patrols in the area, no sign of the flamingo or the hunters was found.

Yesterday, three men, who are 66-, 37- and 23-years-old and who live in Nadur, Għajnsielem and Żebbuġ, Gozo, respectively, were arrested following further investigation by the Gozitan Criminal Investigation Department.

Although the super-protected bird has not yet been found, evidence was found that may link the suspects to its slaying. 


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Joseph Gaffarena says:
28 August 2013 17:02

Who is in favour of such barbaric acts ??
Only the hunters

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GL Sammut says:
28 August 2013 16:48

That is what ignorance and disrespect does for you. These lowdown hunters, if you can call them that,think they are accomplishing some great feat shooting down such a beautiful innocent bird. These are renegade hunters and they must be found and heavily fined for breaking the law. Stop the pussy footing and if convicted, after paying a hefty fine have them spend three months in prison. No more suspended sentences please.

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