22 September 2014

Pastizzi outlet gives Maltese in Canada a taste of home

 - Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 11:26

An outlet selling Maltese traditional food has been opened by a Maltese family in Missisauga, Southern Ontario, in Canada. It is aptly called Nannu’s Pastizzi, and is run by the Zammit family.

Apart from pastizzi, it will be selling other Maltese items such as imqaret (date cookies), reports.

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A Mifsud says:
25 September 2013 03:43

This is a funny article to read. It's not new(s) that there is a pastizzi shop in the Toronto area. There are 2 in Toronto that I know of.  The one right by St .Paul's church is just like being in Malta on a Sunday after mass.

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John Vella says:
25 September 2013 11:41

A. Mifsud the last I heard that St. Paul's Church has closed. By the way this family shop is in Mississauga north of Toronto, were there has been a nice settlement of Maltese families too. With regard that these shop is just like being in Malta, it could be when inside, but when it hit -10 or -15 below, it is more like the North Pole especially if there is wind blowing.

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Joe Martinelli says:
24 September 2013 13:07

The Zammit family have run a pastizzi business in Mississauga for many years. This 'new' business replaces a former pastizzi shop which Mr Zammit sold to another entrepreneur a few years ago. His products have always been genuine and no doubt the same will apply from this new location.
By the way, if not I am not mistaken, 'mqaret' are date cookies not 'fig cookies'!

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John Vella says:
24 September 2013 12:56

I used to go on Dundas near St. Paul's Street, for those pastizzi, but between us, I do not know why they do not taste like those of home. Wish them well. By the way Mississauga is not in the South of Ontario, I lived in the South of Ontario and that was Windsor.

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Anthony Mifsud says:
24 September 2013 16:02

John, you otta do like I'm doing, I am moving back on the rock .....this time it's for good...

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John Vella says:
24 September 2013 17:07

Anthony Mifsud allow me to first correct myself, St. Paul's Church used to be on Dundas. I used to work as a printer with the Globe and Mail and when we went on strike moved to Windsor and worked at the Windsor Star. It was common for me doing that 5 hr drive.
Now at 75 years I only have the memories and photo albums to look back and pity my mistake of coming. Malta change I leave it up to you to call if not for the better or for the worse. For me to start all over is madness but I will wish others well because it is still a land of opportunity and a better future if one work for that goal.

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