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BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation is launched

Malta Independent Friday, 25 October 2013, 15:35 Last update: about 6 years ago

The BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation was launched today during a press conference that was addressed by John Cassar White, Chairman of Bank of Valletta and Joseph Calleja. Bank of Valletta and Joseph Calleja are the joint founders of the Foundation.

The purpose of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation is to perform a social function amongst vulnerable individuals and social groups with particular emphasis on underprivileged children and children with innovative, distinctive or unique artistic or musical talents who are in any way unable to develop or enhance their talents.

BOV Chairman, John Cassar White, said that BOV is delighted to collaborate with Joseph Calleja in a project that is set to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and social groups. “When we were discussing our collaboration with Joseph Calleja, the idea of setting up this Foundation was the aspect that really aligned the sense of purpose of the two sides. This initiative that Joseph has come up with is really in tune with the business philosophy of Bank of Valletta. Indeed, BOV, as the largest financial institution in Malta, has always considered the society in which it operates as an important stakeholder and has been at the forefront in contributing financial and other resources towards projects that seek to make a tangible contribution towards the very same communities within which it operates,” said Mr. Cassar White.

“The Bank is confident that the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation will play an important role that will continue to make our society a better society and that will complement the established structures providing opportunities that were hitherto not within the reach of vulnerable individuals and social groups,” added Mr Cassar White.

The BOV Chairman thanked Joseph Calleja for the excellent collaboration on this most exciting initiative and augured that the launch of the Foundation would be a first step in a journey that would benefit the Maltese society as a whole.

Speaking during the launch of the Foundation, Joseph Calleja expressed his excitement at finally being able to launch the Foundation. “I had been toying with the idea of this Foundation for several years now. I have felt the urge to give something back to the most vulnerable in society for a long time . Now, thanks to Bank of Valletta’s support, we are finally here to witness the first hours of this Foundation.” Joseph Calleja concluded his intervention by expressing his gratitude to the Board of Directors of the new Foundation. “It gives me great pride to have such great individuals ready to take the Foundation forward. I would like to thank each and every one of you profoundly for your dedication.”

The partnership between Joseph Calleja and Bank of Valletta launched in June 2013 is based on three distinct pillars:- positioning BOV as the main sponsor of the Maltese Tenor’s annual Summer Concert and the BOV Joseph Calleja Children’s Choir; having Joseph Calleja endorse BOV and the services that the Bank offers as Malta’s leading financial services provider and; the collaboration on the creation of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation that was launched today.

Further details of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation and the manner in which it will work  will be announced over the coming months.

The Administrators of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation are Mr. Roderick Chalmers, chairman, and Fr. Michael Agius, Mr. Lino Cefai, Ms. Helga Ellul, Dr. Alec Lapira, Mrs. Michelle Muscat and Mr. Alfred Pisani, as members.

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