21 September 2014

PN to file judicialprotest overcitizenship scheme

 - Sunday, 26 January 2014, 12:29
Update 1

The Nationalist Party is set to file a judicial protest tomorrow over the government’s controversial Individual Investor Programme, party leader Simon Busuttil announced today.

At a political activity in Birkirkara, Dr Busuttil insisted that the judicial protest – which would be filed against the government and concessionaire Henley and Partners – would serve to emphasise to prospective applicants for Maltese citizenships that the scheme was being investigated by the European Commission, and that a Nationalist government would revoke any passports granted under the scheme.

“It is important that those who apply are clearly informed of what they are getting into. Their passports will only be valid until the next election, as we will then revoke them,” he exclaimed.

He stressed that it was important for the party to continue challenging the scheme in parliament, despite the huge parliamentary majority enjoyed by the government, as it was still important for the opposition to speak up on behalf of the public. The scheme, he said, had to be opposed because it was a bad scheme which created needless troubles for Malta, and which betrayed the government’s incompetence and sore lack of ideas.

Dr Busuttil also said that the upcoming debate should provide an opportunity for government MPs “of good will,” who realise that the scheme is damaging the country’s reputation, to stand up and be counted.

“We are ready to do so, but we need you to do so as well,” he appealed to any government MPs who may have reservations about the scheme.

Scheme damaging Malta’s reputation, Busuttil insists

Perhaps inevitably, the PN leader focused mainly on the scheme in his address – as did the other speakers in the day, MP Marthese Portelli and European election candidates Jonathan Shaw and Helga Ellul – and argued argued at length that the scheme would greatly damage Malta’s standing in the EU.

He said that the EP’s vote on the sale of citizenship – in which, he pointed out Labour MEPs were backed by just two fellow socialist MEPs and far-right extremists – showed just how isolated Malta had become.

“If they are unable to even convince their own political group, how can they convince the EU on other issues,” he observed.

Dr Busuttil pointed out that the European Commission’s investigation on the scheme is based on an alleged breach of the principle of “loyal cooperation,” and stressed that this was a very negative consequence of the scheme.

“As the Commission tells the Maltese government that it is not being loyal, can you imagine that other countries will help when we ask for solidarity? Do you think that the Prime Minister can sell the keys to the doors of other EU member states, and question why they are not accepting immigrants,” he asked.

The PN leader insisted that investment did not arrive through one-off schemes, stating that unemployment was continuing to increase while the government failed to respond.

He noted that past PN governments have extensively utilised EU funds to invest in local infrastructure and businesses, and pointed out that while the government is speculating on how it would use the revenue from the sale of citizenships, it has failed to state how it plans to use the €1.1 billion in EU funds for the 2014-2020 period secured by the previous government.

Dr Busuttil said that he was astonished at Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s aggressive tone during last week’s parliamentary debates on citizenship, questioning why he felt the need to act so aggressively in the face of criticism.

He pointed out that this aggression was also manifesting itself at EU level, since the government appeared set to challenge the EU to defend the scheme. But he said that this would create problems, stating that Malta could not expect a serene relationship within the EU if it caused tension

PN seeking to become more inclusive

The PN leader was critical of the government’s continued references to the national interest, pointing out that even Justyne Caruana’s use of an army helicopter to catch a flight was described as being in the national interest.

“Our reply is clear – the abuse of power is not in the national interest,” he added.

“This government cannot tell us what the national interest is as it is acting against it, and when we criticise we are the ones protecting and defending the national interest.”

Dr Busuttil also noted that the PN was set to discuss possible changes to its statute and organisation in a bid to make it more inclusive, and to ensure that the PN truly becomes the people’s party.

He said that the differences between the PN and the PL were set to become clearer in the coming months. Labour, the PN leader said, was showing that it was unable to govern, and proved to be disloyal at an EU level and to the Maltese people.

But he added that the PN had to continue to show that it was built on integrity and seriousness, and that it was ready to present ideas and to convince people about them. He said that the party should not simply rest on the fact that others were bad, but had to ensure that it was a good choice.


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Giovann DeMartino says:
28 January 2014 15:14

Infasad u.......harab

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edward vella says:
26 January 2014 21:33

Simon Busuttil kollox hazin qieghed jara!!!U behsiebu jibqa ghaddej b'din il kantaliena negattiva sakemm jibqa mexxej tal-PN hu!!! Ma tantx nahseb li ghandu zmien twil f'din il-posizzjoni!! Dalwaqt jibdew ifittxu lil xi had iehor ghax bir rispett kollu,ma tantx qieghed jaqta figura tajba b'din in negattivita kollha!!! Forsi kif tghaddi l-elezzjoni ta 4 snin ohra isibu sositut denju!! Diga qeghda iccaqcaq il-qasba!!! U jghidu li din ma ccaqcaqx ghalxej!!!

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Eddy Priviteera says:
26 January 2014 20:50

Your Simon Busuttil had said that if no agreement was reached with the government, he would collect signatures to force a referendum. So many weeks have now passed and the word referendum was never mentioned again !!!! Why do you think he ha stopped  mentioning the referendum ?

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Giovann DeMartino says:
26 January 2014 20:04

Bhalissa Eddy mhabbat hafna jinvestiga l-prezzijiet gholjin tal-medicini u l-medicini out of stock.   Habib tieghi li qieghed ghall-kura Mater Dei kellu bzonn xi medicina u baghtu lill-mara tieghu tixtrihielu minn barra ghax l-isptar m'ghandhomx.  Jiddispjacini jekk il-kumment tieghi lil Eddy jgerrixhulkom.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
27 January 2014 10:24

Giovann: Nisthajlek gurdien jghid li jbezza iljun !

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Victor Laiviera says:
26 January 2014 16:42

In nearly 60 years of following Maltese and international politics, I have seen many leaders come and go.  But I have rarely seen a leader as irresponsible as Simon Busuttil is turning out to be.

In threatening to withdraw passports in the eventuality of a new PN administration he is:

- Promising something he knows would not be legally in his power, as legally conferred citizenship can only be withdrawn by a court of law for proven misdemeanors and, much more worryingly,

- he is sending out the message that, in Malta, what one administration does will be reversed by the next for partisan political reasons.  This will not effect just the IIP scheme but, like ripples on a pond, the effect will spread out and investors in all sectors will become wary of investing in Malta. Investors prize stability and continuity above all else and they will not risk a single cent if there is a possibility that an incoming administration will reverse everything just because it was done by the previous Government.

Simon Busuttil is sowing the wind.  Who will have to reap the whirlwind after him?

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J. Busuttil says:
26 January 2014 19:48

" In nearly 60 years of following Maltese and international politics, I have seen many leaders come and go.  But I have rarely seen a leader as irresponsible as Simon Busuttil is turning out to be."

Mela mhux bhali I came across Mintoff, Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Alfred Sant but the worst ( and I must say even compared to Mintoff ) Joseph Muscat il Bully.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
27 January 2014 10:26

J. Busuttil. Of course, Dr. Muscat is "the worst" as far as the PN is concerned ! Since he gave the most crushing defeat ever to the PN !!!

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Eddy Priviteera says:
26 January 2014 15:26


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Charles Camilleri says:
26 January 2014 15:48

iccekkja qabel tparla eddy... x'paranoja ghandek.

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Colin ZL says:
26 January 2014 21:23

Mr Priviteera, you've been around for a while. Is it possible you still don't know that writing in Caps on internet comment boxes is considered bad manners? And Malta Independent, I'm surprised that your moderators have not put a restriction on people 'shouting'.

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Giovann DeMartino says:
27 January 2014 06:46


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Eddy Priviteera says:
27 January 2014 10:28


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Giovann DeMartino says:
27 January 2014 12:41

Infasad fl-ahhar l-iljun (l-iljun tal-film Samson and Delilah tiftakruh?)  Obama qed jisfida lil Putin....tibqax taqa' ghar-redikolu Ed.  HA NGHAJJAT JIEN UKOLL;   INT GHEDT LI QED TINVESTIGA L-PREZZ DOPPJU.  INT GHEDT LI KIEN SE JKOLLOK LAQGHA..GHIDILHOM LILL-QARREJA F'HIEX WASLU L-INVESTIGAZZJONIJIET TIEGHEK.
Ghidilhom lill-qarrejja li m eta r-regim kecciekhom mill-Casino kien hemm min baghtkom ghand S Rita.  Veru jew mhux veru?
Ghgidli lili min huma sangisugi qrib tieghi u li jiena naf.
Ghidlhom lill-qarrejja kemm rohos il-gass.
ghidilhom lill-qarrejja kemm naqsu l-waiting listrs u l-pazjenbti FIT-TINED, issa, mhux fil-kuruduri. 

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J. Busuttil says:
27 January 2014 15:04

Before the election two aged women crushed Eddy on TVPM I can just imagine you Mr.DeMartino slaughtering him.

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Aristide Galea says:
26 January 2014 14:36

In my opinion this is a sign that Dr. Simon Busuttil is anticipating that the talks with the EU Commission will be successful. This will be very detrimental for his PN party for the next general election. So he had to find another way to stop this scheme, cause if he don't succeed, it's bye, bye Simon.

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JJ Micallef says:
26 January 2014 16:29

Are you for real!

If only you were able to figure out the logical absurdity of your post, you'll probably ostracise yourself to Patagonia!

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paul borg says:
26 January 2014 16:59

EU Commissioner Ms Redding already stated in EU parliament that the Sale of Citizenship scheme of Joseph Muscat cannot be accepted by the EU. Joseph Muscat has to backtrack and correct the scheme to a real Investment Scheme so that an agreement with the EU Commission can be reached.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
26 January 2014 20:48

What she said that she was taking legal advice ! Don't you know that the Commission had started taking legal action against GonziPN 22 times ?

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Joe Mallia says:
26 January 2014 14:15

Joseph Muscat keeps saying the PN is isolated. A real case of the man who tricked us expecting us to keep burying our heads in the sand, just like he is doing. PN is doing well to keep up the pressure.

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Carmel Said says:
26 January 2014 15:45

Eddie, please kindly understand that a maltese passport is a passport to Europe and not just Malta , we have joined Europe and we must abide by European rules, if we are to sell maltese passports. How many people will be interested in a maltese passport if this wasn't the case. These are not partisan issues. Please do not keep involving partisan arguments. Try and look at the picture from a wider perspective.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
26 January 2014 12:54

Desperate words of a desperate politician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Eddy Priviteera says:
26 January 2014 12:53

The Maltese people in their majority ARE CONVINCED that what this government is doing is for the good of the country and their own good. Just as they are convinced that what YOU and your party are doing is trying to harm the country by trying to stop 1€Billion from coming to Malta during this legislature !

If you think the majority of the Maltese people are backing you, why don't you do what youn had promised - to collect signatures to force a referendum !!! HAVING COLD FEET AREN'T YOU ???

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JJ Micallef says:
26 January 2014 15:43

"The Maltese people in their majority ARE CONVINCED that what this government is doing is for the good of the country and their own good" Where? When? Who? As far as I know the immature didn’t include it in the PL electoral manifesto. Don’t tell me he called a referendum and no one noticed! Like your leader you are suffering from megalomania syndrome!

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maria cassar says:
26 January 2014 23:15

And the more you write in capital letters the more you convince people that you, your party and your Joseph are panicking, dear ol' Eddie.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
27 January 2014 10:30

Simon Busuttil ,after going to his "grandmother" EU, is now going to the courts ! Sure signs of panic !!!

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