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Minister Joe Mizzi addresses European Aviation Summit, supports revision of EASA

Friday, 22 January 2016, 10:13 Last update: about 3 years ago

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Joe Mizzi, addressed the European Aviation Summit 2016 which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and supported the discussions on the revision of the European Aviation Safety Agency regulation. Malta also supported the Commission in starting discussions for air transport agreements as proposed by the Commission, particularly where agreement is possible with third countries such as the ASEAN air transport agreement proposal.

Hosted by the Dutch EU Presidency and the European Commission, the Summit focused on boosting the competitiveness of European aviation and provided a platform for a first high-level discussion on the European Aviation Strategy which was presented by the European Commission in December 2015. 

Minister Mizzi emphasised the need for efficiency in reaching an agreement and concluding comprehensive agreements which would ensure the achievement of the expected economic benefits for European citizens and airlines as soon as possible. He also highlighted the benefit of reinforcing high standards of safety, security, fair competition and environmental protection for air services. Regarding further measures to boost competitiveness of EU aviation, Minister Mizzi spoke against monopolies at airports and over-regulation while stressed the need for investment in new technologies and infrastructure as well as a fair and level playing field at a global level and the importance of the International Civil Aviation Organisation in this regard.

The Summit brought together the European Transport Commissioner, Transport Ministers, Members of European Parliament and Chief Executive Officers from the aviation industry and was followed by an inter-institutional session in the afternoon during which the Commissioner, EU Ministers of Transport and Members of the European Parliament will continue to discuss the various priorities of the European Aviation Strategy.

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