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249 simplification measures introduced in 2015, public services mobile app to be introduced in 2017

Gabriel Schembri Monday, 1 February 2016, 12:34 Last update: about 3 years ago

The Office of the Permanent Secretary has managed to introduce a total of 249 simplification measures in this last year.

Addressing a press conference at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs this morning, Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said this marks 80 more measures introduced compared to previous years.

One of the most important measures introduced in 2015 were the setting up of three one-stop-shop centres, called, in different localities.

The aim of this morning’s conference was to present an evaluation of what the Office has managed to achieve in the last year.

Cutajar explained the Government is working on a decentralisation of Government procurement.

He also announced the launch of a new mobile app in 2017 which will be allowing the public to access all e-government services via a smart phone.

The Permanent Secretary’s office is working on an evaluation of the National Auditor’s office recommendations. The analysis will look into how many of the NAO’s recommendations were actually implemented in various departments.

Freshly appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Planning, Dr Deborah Schembri said although she never worked in the public service industry, she does realize the need to have accessible services online.

However, as she pointed out, the government cannot forget those that make use of public services but do not have access to the online facilities.

Dr Schembri said many think that the simplification of government services will make room for abuse and injustices and explained that the government will keep this issue clear in mind. 

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