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World News in One Minute: Find out what happened around the world on 5 February

Saturday, 6 February 2016, 09:55 Last update: about 3 years ago

LONDONBERRY, New Hampshire — Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton struggles to defend herself against Bernie Sanders' insinuations that she's beholden to Wall Street, while Sanders faces fresh doubts about his experience on foreign policy, a day after jousting in a feisty debate.


WASHINGTON — The Pentagon releases nearly 200 photographs of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, taken mostly between 2004 and 2006, involving 56 cases of alleged abuse by U.S. forces.


RIO DE JANEIRO — In a sign of mounting global concern over the Zika virus, health officials warn pregnant women to think twice about the lips they kiss and call on men to use condoms with pregnant partners if they have visited countries where the virus is present.


RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian officials will soon decide whether to amend the South American nation's rigid procedures for sharing Zika samples, the Cabinet chief's spokeswoman says, as officials announce that they were sending a set of samples to U.S. researchers amid complaints of hoarding.


RIO DE JANEIRO — The world's best known Olympic historian says it will take something more destructive than the Zika virus to cancel the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.


NEW YORK — A huge construction crane being lowered to safety in a snow squall plummets onto a Lower Manhattan street, killing a Wall Street worker and leaving three people hurt by debris that scattered as the rig's lengthy boom fell.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A band of former Haitian soldiers clash with a far larger gathering of anti-government demonstrators in the troubled country's capital, resulting in the killing of an ex-member of the abolished military amid an ongoing political crisis.


SALT LAKE CITY — A state senator in the predominantly Mormon state of Utah wants to declare pornography a public health crisis, echoing an argument made by many conservative religious groups as porn becomes more accessible on smartphones and tablets.


BOGOTA, Colombia — Ramon Isaza, a 75-year-old patriarch of the far-right paramilitary bands that killed thousands in Colombia, has been released from prison after serving less than 10 years.


NEW YORK — The lawyer for a New York City-born man serving a 15-year prison sentence for supporting al-Qaida urges a judge to find the U.S. government liable for failing to quickly diagnose a medical condition after his 2010 arrest, but a federal prosecutor says he was treated properly.


LOS ANGELES — California's attorney general is asking a federal appeals court to reverse a ruling allowing a priceless 19th century painting to remain in a Spanish museum rather than going to the heirs of a Jewish woman forced to hand it over to the Nazis during the Holocaust.


MIAMI — Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who became the sixth man on the moon when he and Alan Shepard helped NASA recover from Apollo 13's "successful failure" and later devoted his life to exploring the mind, physics and unexplained phenomena such as psychics and aliens, has died at 85.


WASHINGTON — Twitter is now using spam-fighting technology to seek out accounts that might be promoting terrorist activity and is examining other accounts related to those flagged for possible removal, the company announces.


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