The Malta Independent 20 June 2018, Wednesday

VGH says all standards ‘in place in recruitment processes’

Friday, 17 February 2017, 15:40 Last update: about 2 years ago

VGH today said that all standards and procedures in relation to recruitment of staff within VGH hospitals are being strictly adhered to.

In a statement replying to the Medical Association of Malta, the company said that allegations that staff are being recruited without the necessary qualifications required for specialist grades are simply untrue. All staff being brought in to work within the hospitals not only have the required credentials and qualifications but are also registered with their respective regulatory councils and specialist boards, as established by the government.


VGH said its focus remains that of high quality patient care and safety, and of improving patient outcomes. To this end, the company has hired qualified and trained professionals dedicated to see these standards are sustained both within the hospitals and at a corporate level.

Earlier in January the company announced a Euro 2 million investment in a new nursing degree. Through our relationship with Partners Healthcare International, a number of clinical staff members have received training in Boston and as of this month additional staff will receive training on the new IT systems currently being developed. Human Resources both within the corporate arm of the company as well as within the hospitals have increased, new systems are being developed and new equipment is being purchased.

VGH remains focused on the job at hand and reiterates that it is in favour of having a constructive and open dialogue with all unions and stakeholders concerned. The company once again expresses its dismay that an organization which pledges to, “unite all members of the medical profession and to safeguard their interests” continues to do the exact opposite by failing to come to the table to discuss the issues, and voice the concerns of their members. 

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