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PN mole who leaked information to the Labour Party gives himself away

Neil Camilleri Monday, 20 March 2017, 08:05 Last update: about 2 years ago

A young PN media employee who had been leaking information to the Labour Party gave himself away when he leaked screenshots of Net News' new website, this newspaper can reveal.

The employee, who worked in the audiovisual department, had been leaking information to One News - the PL newsroom - for a number of months. His position within Communications, the PN's media arm, made him privy to certain information about upcoming events and campaigns. The information was being relayed to the Labour Party, which made a big fuss about the leaks coming from within the PN.

But his luck ran out a few weeks ago, when he leaked screenshots of the PN media's new website before the actual launch. The screenshots were published by One News, which claimed that Net News had copied the design of its own website.

But One News did not realise that one of the screenshots contained a photo of the mole. Like most modern websites, the new PN news portal is linked to Facebook. One of the screenshots contained a Facebook link which says "you and 352 friends like this." The first profile picture that comes up belongs to the user - in this case the wannabe spy.

The employee, who had worked with Communications for a number of years, was promptly dismissed for gross misconduct. 

A spokesperson for the company said: " Communications confirms that after an internal investigation prompted by security concerns, it was determined that an employee had behaved in a manner that raised material doubts about his loyalty and comittment to the company. This led to the summary termination of employment of the individual concerned."


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