The Malta Independent 21 June 2018, Thursday

Police Commissioner should have sealed Pilatus Bank in the presence of a magistrate - Busuttil

Rachel Attard Thursday, 20 April 2017, 22:36 Last update: about 2 years ago

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar today should have sealed Pilatus Bank in the presence of a magistrate, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil said in statement on Net TV.

In light of new allegations made by blogger Daphne Carunana Galizia regarding claims that Mrs Michelle Muscat is the owner of Egrant, Dr Busutill said the police commissioner should have at least started an investigation and not leave evidence unsecured.


He said; "I am holding the Police Commissioner personally responsible and insist that the other respective authorities to do their job in the interest of our nation."

Dr Busutill said that today the nation has been betrayed and the least the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat could have done was to call for an independent inquiry to carry out an investigation on these allegations.

Dr Busuttil said that " the sole responsibility is that of the Prime Minister and not mine because it was him who got us in this situation." He insisted that the people should join forces and reunite against "the most corrupt government in the country's history" and give the people back their country. 

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