The Malta Independent 24 April 2018, Tuesday

Updated: Minister Konrad Mizzi orders disciplinary action against man who pushed journalist

Friday, 21 April 2017, 17:59 Last update: about 2 years ago

Minister Konrad Mizzi has given instructions for disciplinary action to be taken against the man who pushed Times of Malta and former Malta Independent journalist Jacob Borg today.

The person involved works with the Water Services Corporation. 

Men accompanying no portfolio Minister Konrad Mizzi pushed journalist Jacob Borg today while he was trying to question the minister about the Panama Papers.


While condemning the incident, the minister noted that a member of his private secretariat did all he could to defuse the situation.

“While the minister does not agree with the journalist’s arguments, he believes journalists should be allowed to do their jobs.”

"This was why he took all questions fielded, in spite of the journalists' pressure,” the statement read.

The incident occurred while the minister was answering a few questions following a press event. He left towards his car, ignoring certain questions regarding Nexia BT and alleged Dubai accounts. One of the men accompanying the minister shoved Mr Borg out of the way as he was trying to ask questions to the minister.

A few other men then intervened and what looked like a fight was close to breaking out, until one person stepped in to calm down the situation.

The Communications Coordinator for Konrad Mizzi scolded the journalist for continuing to ask questions after the conference ended. "When we tell you to stop (asking questions) it means stop".

At the same time, there were reports of a scuffle between a Net journalist and a ONE News camera person.

In a statement, the PN expressed solidarity with journalist Jacob Borg. “Malta is in a political and constitutional crisis, with the Prime Minister being the subject of a magisterial inquiry.”

“This is the time to come together and pull the country out of the alley.”

The Institute of Maltese Journalists also released a statement, condemning the way the journalist was treated, stating that the rights of a journalist must never be threatened.

Video by The Times of Malta.
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