The Malta Independent 22 April 2018, Sunday

If PM keeps challenging validity of evidence, I won't think twice about publishing it - Busuttil

Joanna Demarco Friday, 19 May 2017, 10:18 Last update: about 12 months ago

Nationalist Party Leader Simon Busuttil today told the media that if Prime Minister continues to challenge the validity of his evidence, he would not hesitate to publish the documentation.

"I have said many times that I felt it was my responsibility to present this evidence in court. However, if the Prime Minister continues to challenge me and deny that the evidence is correct, I will not hesitate to publish it," Busuttil said.


Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil today presented "eight box files of evidence" to Magistrate Aaron Bugeja.

Dr Busuttil said in the last days that he had evidence of payments that were made by OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri, to former Times managing director Adrian Hillman, both of whom are denying the allegations.

This morning, Dr Busuttil testified for two hours before the magistrate and, speaking to the media afterwards, Dr Busuttil said that the eight files contained all the details of all the transactions that were made by Keith Schembri or one of his companies to Adrian Hillman or his companies.

Asked about comments made by the Prime Minister that Dr Busuttil is rehashing a story from a year ago in order to keep the momentum of corruption going, Dr Busuttil replied that the difference between the two situations is that now he has proof. "The difference between what we knew last year and what I said two days ago is this: proof, I got proof, and I never spoke about it until I had proof. It was in the media, with allegations here and there," he said.

"What I announced this week had been said before, but today, the fact that I know I have proof and presented it to the Magistrate, is another story." 

"The evidence which I provided, which arrived in eight box files, show a detailed evidence of the transactions that happened, originating either from Keith Schembri or companies or accounts of Keith Schembri and which ended up either at Adrian Hillman or Lester Holdings," he said. He described the documents he presented as 'undeniable evidence'. 

"The Magistrate kept the evidence and I have a lot of trust in Magistrate Bugeja who is going through the evidence in detail and will arrive at his own conclusion, which I will bow my head down to," he said. On the other hand, once again Dr Busuttil said he had no confidence in the police commissioner.

Dr Busuttil emphasized repeatedly that it is "not normal that it is the Leader of the Opposition to be doing this," and appealed to the Maltese to vote anti-corruption on 3 June. 



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