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MUMN publishes pre-general election proposals to political parties

Saturday, 20 May 2017, 09:49 Last update: about 3 years ago

The MUMN Council today published a set of proposals to be introduced in the health, elderly and community sectors so as to address the existing problems in these services. These proposals are aimed to improve the professionals’ and patients’ conditions alike, the union said in a statement.

The shortage of nurses in our country is still present with approximately the same numbers. The MUMN Council is always pre-occupied when new services initiate, as the shortage will increase. The Government needs to take courageous decisions for this shortage to be addressed, otherwise we are going to end up with building new facilities but no nurses would be available.  MUMN is always ready to discuss and clarify these proposals further if requested by any political party.


1.  A specialisation framework for nurses, midwives and physiotherapists should be established especially the one for nurses and midwives whose draft was finalised one year ago;

2. Student Nurses should be given a choice before they initiate their course either to sign a contract that would enable them to earn the minimum wage and be bound for three years; or the system there is today where they earn a stipend but with no contract;

3. An early retirement scheme for 25 years for nurses to avoid stress and burnout where these two factors unfortunately are common throughout this profession;

4. As already agreed in 2013 but never implemented the nomenclature of the Director Nurses Services as a headship position should be changed to a Chief Nursing Midwifery Officer;

5. Physiotherapists should no longer be part of the allied health care professionals but stand as a profession on its own alike the nursing and midwifery profession;

6. The Social Workers employed within the Public Service and FMS should be given the attention they deserve as the country seriously needs these professionals in various sectors;

7. ECG Technicians should be more  regularised and supported throughout their career;

8. A diploma to degree course for nurses should be introduced so that we achieve a standardised levels in this profession;

9. The numerous clauses clause should be removed for the Midwifery profession so that more individual care will be offered to our citizens;

10. Nurses who successfully graduated in Community Nursing should be more involved in the care provided in our communities;

11. All public service employees who retired through the pensionable age should benefit from the basic pay increases of every public service collective agreement;

12. A monetary mentorship programme should be established for all student nurses and midwives for both universities in our country;

13. The Elderly & Community Department and the Health Department should be under one Ministry;

14. The establishment should recognise the service performed by these professionals in the private sector.

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