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INDEPTH: PM’s lack of diplomatic action shows Russia story ridiculous invention – Busuttil

INDEPTH online Thursday, 1 June 2017, 11:10 Last update: about 2 years ago

The Prime Minister’s lack of diplomatic action regarding reports he had received that the Russians were behind the creation of the Egrant story shows he knew that what he was saying was a ridiculous invention, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil said.

Interviewed on INDEPTH by The Malta Independent online editor Stephen Calleja, Dr Busuttil said that the PM had not taken any action after he received this information: he did not summon the Russian ambassador nor send the Maltese Ambassador in Moscow to demand answers. Neither did he convene the National Security Council.


This indicates that Dr Muscat does not believe what he said publicly about Russian involvement, and used it to gain some sort of sympathy, said Dr Busuttil. The story, however, backfired on Dr Muscat because he was ridiculed for coming up with such an invention.

Does he really think that Russia wants to dictate what happens in Malta, Dr Busuttil said.

He was referring to Dr Muscat’s revelation that he had received information to the effect that the Egrant saga had been started by the Russians in retaliation for Malta not allowing a Russian vessel to refuel in Malta on its way to Syria and for Malta’s EU presidency work on the visa waiver for Ukrainians. Both incidents, however, occurred long before a Russian whistleblower copied documents showing that Egrant, a company opened in Panama, belongs to the PM’s wife Michelle, an allegation that the Muscats deny.

The programme was recorded on Thursday afternoon.


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