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Change of heart: PN leader to be elected before Independence Day

Monday, 19 June 2017, 20:45 Last update: about 13 months ago

The Nationalist Party has had a change of heart and its new leader will be elected in time to address any activity that the party will be holding for Independence Day, a national holiday so dear to the PN.

The executive committee this evening said that the leader will be elected during a general convention to be held on Saturday 16 September. Initially, the election was scheduled for 23 September, two days after Independence Day.


In a statement, the PN executive said that the process for the election of the leader and deputy leaders was started with the approval of the regulations governing such elections, which now have to be approved by the general council.

The election of the leader will be divided into two parts. The general council will be approving two candidates who will then go before the convention, which will elect one of them as leader.

The dates proposed by the executive are as follows: a general council on 28 June to discuss and approve the regulations for the elections. Nominations will be received on 17 and 19 July for the election of the leader. The general council will convene again on the first weekend of September to choose two candidates, and a convention will then select the leader on 16 September.

The electoral commission is led by Joe Borg with Matthew Mangion, Boris Xerri, Trevor Degiorgio, Marion Pace Asciak, Angelito Sciberras and Isabel Vella.

After the election of the leader, the dates for the election of the deputy leaders and other officials will be announced.



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