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Watch - Updated (2): Perici Calascione speaks of 'hidden hand' behind allegations against him

Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 18:32 Last update: about 12 months ago

The Nationalist Party today requested its ethics committee to investigate a letter sent by a “disappointed Nationalist” who makes allegations against one of the contenders for the party leadership, Alex Perici Calascione.

The letter was also sent to the media, and lists Perici Calascione’s connection through marriage with the Pisani family, shareholders of the Corinthia Group when other shareholders, according to the letter, are members of the Gaddafi family.


As Opposition Leader, this could put him in a conflict of interest given the announcement by the Corinthia Group of a mega-project in the St Julian's area.

The letter also says that Dr Perici Calascione is the beneficial owner of Future Investments Ltd, which owns Fenici Insurance Agency, which in turn owns a majority stake in another company one of whose partners in on the run for alleged misappropriation of funds.

The company, the letter says, has not presented its accounts since 2012, when it had debts of some €500,000. These facts had not been declared to the party, the letter-writer said. 

The letter also requests the committee to deal with the matter before the election, which will be held on Saturday.

He said that he is not signing the letter following a string of personal attacks which have dominated the campaign, but believes that what he said in the letter should be investigated immediately.

The ethics committee has already discussed claims made against, Adrian Delia, another candidate. The party administrative committee is due to meet this evening.

In a statement, Perici Calascione said that the email was sent by a "hidden hand" that is serving someone's interests in this delicate stage of the campaign.

He said that as soon as he learnt about the letter, he informed the administrative committee chairman Karol Aquilina to put the matter before the ethics committee.

"Whoever planned, approved and implemented this letter should rest assured that the attempt will not succeed. These tactics are the worst form of old politics and carry nothing new," he said.

In comments to the media later, Perici Calascione said that if he is elected leader, he will abstain from participating in any debate concerning the Corinthia group development. He said he resigned from the company mentioned in the letter in February last year.

He again mentioned a hidden hand behind such allegations, saying the one should reflect on who stands to gain from this attempt.


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