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FIAT 500’s 60th birthday party at at Pjazza Tignè

Monday, 11 September 2017, 14:35 Last update: about 2 years ago

Motors Inc will be celebrating the FIAT 500's 60th birthday with a special raduno at Pjazza Tigné in The Point on Sunday 17th September between 10.00hrs and noon.

A large number of FIAT 500 cars have already confirmed their participation during the raduno.

The FIAT 500 remains FIAT's best-loved car. It is a symbol of one of Italy's most important historic periods in its modern history, a time when Italians started discovering the joy of becoming owners of their own car. Together with its innovative design, the FIAT 500 went on to become one of the most recognised modern icons and a worldwide ambassador for the country.


The Fiat 500 fundamentally altered car design and production and has unquestionably left its mark on automotive industry. Its playful qualities remained valid to this very day and today, the FIAT 500 presents a unique combination of style, technology and practicality in a way that allows owners to express their unique personality.

Over time, the Fiat 500 became a style and design icon, inspiring the imagination of artists, who have responded with elegant, exclusive and sporty interpretations. It has achieved the feat of maintaining its identity while remaining youthful over 60 years of history and lifestyles, fashion and society.

This is what spurred Motors Inc to host this 60th anniversary event at Pjazza Tigné, one of Malta's top destinations and local contemporary icons for fashion and design.


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