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PN media head of news defends colleagues as Nationalist Party remains silent

Rebecca Iversen Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:09 Last update: about 10 months ago

The Nationalist Party media head of news Fabian Demicoli has defended his colleagues who over the last days were the target of attacks on the social media because they were photographed near Nationalist Party leadership contender Adrian Delia.

In a Facebook post, Demicoli expressed his solidarity with the journalists who fell victim to these “obscene" attacks.

The Nationalist Party, which employs these journalists, has not expressed itself on the matter. These same journalists had been largely praised for their professional work when they reported on national situations such as the Egrant saga and the alleged visit of a minister to a German brothel.


In his post, Demicoli defended the journalists who have continued to work in spite of all the difficulties.

“Even after an electoral loss, we still went out in front of the cameras and now to end up being attacked in this unjust way,” he said.

He mentioned the sacrifices the journalists had made, saying they side-lined their studies in order to aid with the Nationalist Party campaign and give “100 per cent to the Nationalist Party”.

“Since the outcome of the general election we haven’t stopped, we have continued to work in a professional manner, in the summer months we continued to work. Then we started another campaign, the leadership election. An agreement was made between the candidates and the Electoral Commission so that each candidate had the same exposure to make sure of fairness, while the candidates were responsible for the own content,” Demicoli explained.

Demicoli pledged that the newsroom will work hard over the next few days as the leadership campaign reaches its climax.

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