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Said’s message to PN members: the party’s best days are yet to come

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 17:30 Last update: about 9 months ago

In a message this afternoon to the Nationalist Party members who will be voting on Saturday in the leadership election he is contesting, Chris Said pledged that, "As a leader of the Nationalist Party, I will seek unity at all times. Together, we will be strong, we will renew our party and we will win.

"The best days for our party are yet to come."

Said remarked that while the party needs "a radical change", that change "must take place sensibly".


"Dismantling for the sake of dismantling will not lead us far," he said.

He added, "On Saturday you will chose the next leader of our party. It's a great privilege but also a huge responsibility."

Like any other major decision, he said, the decision calls for reflection and foresight.

"I'm putting all my cards on the table," Said remarked. "Each one of you knows who am I, what I've done, why I'm in politics and where I stand on major issues.

"From the 17th of September onwards, I want to lead a political force that is relevant, modern and organised, ready to embark on an ambitious project, building a credible plan for the sustainable future of our economy. I want a party that is intellectually geared to enter into a conversation with all stakeholders and with the population at large.

"We must regroup and reorganise, bottom-up, so that everyone is part of this project and no one feels side-lined.

"I want a party with whom you can get what you deserve, and not the party that is constantly hesitating to commit itself.

"I want a party that will, once again, be the choice for Maltese workers.

"I want a party that has our elderly at heart.

"I want a party that builds the future of our country based on education.

"I want a party that will work to incentivise the self-employed and not make their life more difficult.

"I want a party that will fight criminality and ensure that our authorities have all the resources to do that.

"I want a party that sets its own agenda."

He said that when the results are announced on Saturday: "I will gather the three other contestants and urge them to bring all our supporters together so that we ensure that the true winner is the Nationalist Party."

Said pledged to work with everyone, "even with those who preferred to see someone else elected as leader. I guarantee open doors to all those willing to work hard without any personal interests to see the Nationalist Party moving forward."

"We will do all this without becoming a copy of the Labour Party, without trashing the values and the party's identity crafted by Eddie Fenech Adami.

"Thank you for your trust.
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