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Young man recently released from prison charged with stealing from 36 cars

Thursday, 14 September 2017, 18:51 Last update: about 9 months ago

A troubled young man who has been recently released out of prison has found himself before the courts charged with multiple thefts from at least 36 different cars.

22-year-old Sean Caruana from Paola was arraigned before Magistrate Francesco Depasquale accused of stealing items and breaking into 36 cars from various localities. He was also charged with damaging private property. The string of thefts occurred between August and September this year in Marsa, Santa Venera, Hamrun and Pieta' among others.


Caruana, who is unemployed, has been recently released out of jail after serving a 42-month prison sentence. The accused was arrested and sentenced after admitting to breaking into seven cars and for stealing from a school while he was on probation.

The accused admitted to "the bible of accusations", as described by the magistrate who then allowed Caruana to explain why he had committed so many thefts at such a young age. The accused, with tears in his eyes, expressed his frustration at not being able to find work or for not finding any help after being released from prison.

"I was released from prison and out on the street. I had no one to give me shelter or even food. I have no drug addiction problem, my only problem is simple food or shelter," he said. The prosecution, led by Inspector Elliot Magro, said that prison offers the opportunity to learn skills which could have helped him find a job once outside.

Lawyer Noel Cutajar said that the court should reach a balance between an apt punishment and comfort so that the young man is helped in reintegrating in society.

The magistrate noted the plea of the accused, understanding that the man committed these crimes as he had no shelter or means to survive. However, it also took into consideration the fact that the crimes committed were not a few and that the court has an obligation towards society to keep it safe. The court understands that at 22 years of age, the accused has to be helped to integrate in society and work once released out of prison.

The court found the man guilty of all charges against him. Caruana was condemned to three and half years in prison and ordered the prison authorities to help this man however they can so that he learns job skills so that he can reintegrate himself in society.

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