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Works on €100 million luxury Townsquare project to start next month

Friday, 29 September 2017, 15:24 Last update: about 2 years ago

Works on the €100 million luxury Townsquare Sliema project will start in the coming weeks, following approval of the developers’ Construction Management Plan, Townsquare Sliema Ltd said in a statement.

The project had raised a huge controversy in its pre-permit stage, with Sliema residents even holding protest activities. In the end, however, the application for the development was approved by the Planning Authority.


The developers are to brief the Qui-Si-Sana Residents’ Association and Sliema Local Council on the project, while the architects – award-winning firm Martin Xuereb and Associates – are drawing up condition reports on neighbouring properties.

Townsquare Sliema is a high-end development comprising residences, retail outlets, and leisure facilities around an open space, which will be accessible to the public, and is one-and-a-half times the size of the Qui-Si-Sana Gardens, the company said.

The 12,000 square-metre site, owned by the developers for over six decades, is currently vacant other than the dilapidated Villa Drago which will be restored to its former glory and take pride of place. The site has formed part of the Building Scheme since 1991 and was earmarked for development in the 2006 Local Plan.

“We are very excited about this quality lifestyle urban development, which we are convinced will add value to the Sliema area. However, we also fully appreciate that the construction phase will cause a certain amount of inconvenience to residents so we are therefore going to great lengths to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible,” a spokesman for Townsquare said.

The developers said they have specifically selected contractors who will not make use of pneumatic hammers – the principal cause of noise, dust and vibration on a building site – during the excavation phase. These contractors will, instead, work with costlier machinery specifically designed to limit the disturbances normally associated with construction.

The equipment also includes inbuilt water-spraying features to keep dust to an absolute minimum, while wheel-washing practices for trucks will be rigorously applied. All other machinery related to the development, including cranes, will be located within the site perimeter.

Only 40 per cent of the Townsquare footprint will be occupied by buildings due to a decision to build a high-rise tower rather than lower-level cluster apartments covering the whole area. The remainder will be landscaped for public use and maintained by the developers.

This design will also enable the majority of neighbouring properties to enjoy views onto what promises to be one of the largest urban soft-landscaped areas in Sliema, rather than face brick-walls.

Moreover, the project will create around 750 underground car spaces, significantly increasing parking facilities in the area.

The developers have also set up a Project Office in Tigné Street as well as a helpline for residents on tel. 27896034 or 21331560, and intends to pursue community initiatives for the benefit of the local community once the development is underway.

“We are totally committed to ensuring Townsquare becomes an iconic landmark for Sliema that will not only benefit its residents, retailers and office users, but also our neighbours and the business community,” the spokesman said.

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