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Ernesto & Bianca at Ziguzajg

Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 09:06 Last update: about 2 years ago

'Have I locked? But I'm sure I locked it. Let me check. Yes! Locked! It was locked! I was sure I locked it and now I'm even more sure that it's not unlocked because I've just checked if it's locked and it is!... But, could it be that as I was checking if it's locked ... I unlocked it ... by accident?

Seriously. Ernesto's obsessive behaviour drives people up the wall. But now he's on a mission: Bianca. Honestly. She's his ray of hope! In order to impress her, he's willing to face himself and his obsessions head-on. But the more Ernesto tries to keep up appearances, the more he portrays himself as what he's not. How much longer can he keep this up? Seriously? What ensues is sometimes funny, sometimes sunny, but at times, tragic.


This clowning show is targeted for children aged 7+, and will be performed at Palazzo de la Salle between 18 and 21 November, and a last show on 25, commencing at 5pm. For more information and tickets call 21223200 or visit

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