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Alleged accomplice to man charged with attempt to set woman on fire denied bail

Kevin Schembri Orland Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 14:57 Last update: about 2 years ago

A man charged with being an accomplice in a case involving a cousin who allegedly tried to set a woman on fire, was denied bail in court today.

Alvin Pullicino, 26, is charged with attempted murder and attempted arson, and his cousin, Gavin Spagnol, 21, is charged with complicity. The case took place in Zabbar on 12 July.

The alleged victim’s son has not testified in court yet, and Magistrate Joe Mifsud also said that he will not shun his responsibility from protecting society at large. As a result, Gavin Spagnol’s bail request was again denied.


Testifying in court today, the alleged victim’s (Michelle Camilleri) sister, Chantelle Debono, gave her version of events.

She said that her sister had called her on the day of the incident, to tell her that she would be taking her child to the playground. She said she received a call at 7.15 pm and she heard yelling, and her nine-year-old nephew yelling “leave my mum alone.”

She rushed over to her sister’s home, and when she arrived on scene she saw her sister in the front garden and her sister’s husband by a car. She said that she smelt a strong smell of petrol. “She told me he tried to burn her.”

She noted that a lighter was in the garden, and so was a cap of a jerry can, but not he jerry can itself. She said that the police were then called, and that she gave her version of events.

The court heard how the alleged victim’s 9-year-old child is still receiving psychological treatment.

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi is counsel to Pullicino, lawyers Franco Debono and Marion representing Spagnol, and lawyer Veronique Dalli is appearing on behalf of the parte civile.


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